Fun for Free : Road Safety Community Park Part One

When i was in lower primary, I really look forward to get older so that I can visit the Road Safety Park with the school! It's an excursion only for the upper primary students to learn about road safety, and i have long heard all about the fun from my elder sister and cousins who went! When it was finally my turn to visit the park, I remembered fondly the buses that brought us to the park and we were grouped into pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers, given briefing about the road safety rules & tips, and spent a fun filled day at the park with my classmates!

The Road Safety Community Park is located at East Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449889

I recently saw on facebook of my friend who brought her children to the road safety park to play, and found out that the park is now open to public 24 by 7! We can just bring our children to the open park as long as the park is not booked by any schools for Road Safety Day! And it's FREE!

Children will LOVE the park with its miniature installations of traffic infrastructure like traffic lights, zebra crossings, road crossings, yellow boxes, filter lanes, as well as a Shell Petrol Station, Police Station, Vicom inspection station etc!

interesting landmarks in the parks

And so, of course i brought my children there! Seriously, we had loads of fun! I role play with my boy, i pretended to be :
  • another driver speeding with him
  • another driver that didn't give way
  • another driver with car broken down
  • an old lady crossing the road and was still crossing slowly when the light turns green for him
  • an woman crossing the road and the groceries bag broke with all the shopping items fallen all over
  • an old woman who fell down along the pedestrian walk
  • etc
If you are going there, you can take a look at for rules that you can teach your children while you are at the park. :) 

It's a highly recommended place to bring your children there for some interactive role playing fun as well as instill some road safety rules and good values to them!

WARNING: Sadly, the park is also infested with mosquitoes! We had sprayed insects repellent, but we were still "stalked" by numerous mosquitoes that were very persistent and fearsome to following us and resulted in us having about ten bites on each limbs. So, apply a lot more repellent!

A map of the park

oh yes, i taught him reading too. 

Kyle was very excited, he zoomed around the park on his kick scooter

the Shell petrol station is his favorite stop, we went back a couple of time to top up gas ;p

children just love to act like adults right?

Kyle on top of the overhead bridge

a panoramic view of the park

Of course, since you are at park, it's just a short walk to the beach! C'mon! Let's go! Just a stone throw away, there is a water breaker that we can stand on, as well as a long jetty that we can go out all the way into the sea!

a panoramic view of the sea from the exit of the road safety community park!

it's just a very short walk to this jetty

Kyle getting observant and curious

he actually asked me why is the water pushing the sand?

Kyle said he needed to do writing on the sand, and so down to the beach we went!

master at work, shhhh!

writing on sand is free and fun! It's a good activity for children!

he wrote his name

And of course we cam-whore! To show to daddy where we went! 

How to get to Road Safety Park

Driving from Marine Parade, take the Marine Parade Flyover, Slide left towards East Coast Park Service Road, Turn right into East Coast Park Service Road, Turn left into Road Safety Community Park carpark. Free parking. :)

There is a bus stop there with bus number 401.

Map below for reference. :) Enjoy!


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