Be Blown Away by the Best Salted Egg Chicken Wings!

Three weeks ago, we were invited to the Marina South Curry House's Retro Yummilicious Press Launch and food tasting! The restaurant was at where my work place used to be, so before the food tasting, I brought my children to my ex-office to visit my ex-colleague!

No, though the name of the restaurant says Marina South, but it is not located at Marina South now, though it used to be there. :) And YES! If you heard of it before or if the name rings a bell, it's the same very famous one at Marina South with the unforgettable curries! 

The restaurant is now located on the 3rd level at 100 am (formerly known as the Amara Shopping Centre). Oh how i miss Tanjong Pagar for it had been my playground for many years when I was working there! The recently renovated 100 am is almost unrecognisable and unfamiliar from the Amara Shopping Centre era.. It's has become a bigger and more happening mall, that is indeed more spacious, clean, bright and welcoming!

Located at #03-14 of 100 am (formerly the Amara Shopping Centre)

Take the elevator up to level three and walk into Marina South Curry House to be immediately greeted by a nostalgic 70's retro decor! It's a good contrast from the mall and reminds one of the good old times, boasting a wide array of decorations that are characteristic of the 70s era. 

The restaurant offers both a la carte and set menus, there is definitely something suitable for each and everyone! Sharing a review of the dishes I tried: 

Signature Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon 

Single portion (120gm) - S$7.90,  Shared 2 - 3 pax (250gm) - $18.90 (served in claypot)

This had to be the best Fish Bee Hoon I ever tasted! There is no milk used in the broth, yet the texture is still rich and relatively thick! We understand that the chef simmered the broth for over 6 hours, to get this superior broth that is very flavourful and 原滋原味! Fresh sea bass is used in this dish, its tender meat complemented with thick springy bee hoon and the perfect soup broth. Instead of typical large ginger slices, this Signature Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon has thinly sliced ginger that makes for easy consumption, and is refreshing in between bites of fish. No MSG is used in the cooking process. This mouth-watering creation is a definite must-try at Marina South Curry House! 

we had bowls and bowls of wholesome goodness! it's just too good!

Be prepared though, the waiting time for this specialty dish is about 10 minutes. During peak hours, it will be around 15 minutes. This is because each pot is cooked by Chef Gan personally. :) 

Red Curry Chicken

single portion, S$6.90

I always love curry chicken with lots of potatoes! And when you eat curry, you must dip it with the toasted french toast! Not many people know how to cook good curry now so i really enjoyed their curry! I am a spicy eater and I super love the Red Curry! Some of my friends said that the red curry is too spicy for them so we tried some yellow curry (less spicy) and green curry (not spicy). I personally love my curry very spicy. ;p They also have mutton curry, vegetables curry (also my favorite) and fish curry!

They are well known for curry, so curry is a must try dish too! If you can't take spicy, you can ask for Yellow curry (less spicy) or Green curry (not spicy) too!

Luohan Chye 


This is a very good vegetarian dish, the xiao bai cai and other vegetables like small corn are nicely cooked and very crunchy, and i love the Tou Fu, Tau Pok and mushrooms too. It's not a strong tasting dish, in fact it's quite bland with only a very slight tint of salt. I personally feel that taking this dish is a must! It's a refreshing taste and helped to balance from the rich tasting fish soup and strong flavor curry that I ate earlier. 

Salted Egg Chicken Wing

It's priced a bit steep at S$12.90 for only 3 chicken wings cut into 6 pieces but trust me, you will come back for this cos i went back a week later bringing my family along just because I cannot stop craving for this!

The salted egg chicken wings fried till a perfect golden brown, looks pretty ordinary to me and as I am not really a meat eater, I actually tried this last but OMG!! Once i started I couldn't stop! Usually, when i eat chicken wings, i peel away the skin and eat the meat only but for this, I really literally only left the bones, including the wing tip! 

Lastly, the refreshing calamansi and home cooked barley to help wash down all the food we had!

This is the head chef,  Chef Gan/德叔, and he has been interviewed on several media as well as on Taiwan's food programme '美食大三通"

Sigh! If you noticed, my food reviews are usually posted weeks later and it's because it is difficult to write with the pictures and memory and not feel hungry! Even little brother is sitting down quietly to eat with us!

I really enjoyed and miss the food so much that I brought my in laws to visit the restaurant a week later again, and they like the food there too. We went on a Sunday so there is no crowd, no noise and parking is very easy. :) This is recommended family weekend eat out place if you want to avoid the crowd and eat affordable good food in peace!

More Information

Marina South Curry House is located at 100 Tras Street #03-14 100AM Singapore 079027
Contact Number: 6694 8108
Operating hours: Daily 11.30am to 4pm, 5pm to 9.30pm (last order 9pm)
Seating Capacity: 80 pax

Facebook page:

Disclaimer: We were invited by AT Marketing Consultancy to Marina South Curry House for food tasting. No other form of compensation is involved and all opinions, experiences and images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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