Baby's on the Move!

Last month, we were invited by Huggies to a fun filled Saturday at The Polliwogs Kids Playground at Vivocity!

If you have not tried the new Huggies yet, please click here to redeem a free sample pack for your LO(s)!

We were given an introduction by the Innovation Experts from Huggies, about how the new Huggies Ultra Pants are designed with a superior fit to better support our active child's needs. As I mentioned in my review previously, the new Huggies Ultra Pants come with a slim and flexible fit, superior absorbency and easy open sides to maximise action and minimise mess.

All the little ones were given samples of the Huggies Ultra Pants and we put it on for Baby Kyne, to let him put the pants to test while at play!

Baby Kyne in Huggies Ultra Pants M size for Boys

This active boy wouldn't sit still! He was not satisfied with sitting and attempted to stand on the chair to do balancing stunts!

I find this photo really cute! Babies are interacting! Kyne was playing with Eve's boy, Eizac.

Of course the babies didn't all stayed in the room! After the talk has ended, all the children went out to play! My elder boy was overly excited and going round the whole indoor playground! However, Baby Kyne is different, he doesn't like the baby stuffs but yet he is too young to enter the exciting playground where his big brother is playing, so Baby Kyne plays with all the chairs he could find! ;p

look! Kyne pushed all available chairs to himself so that he was right in the centre, surrounded by chairs! 

There was also a mini photoshoot available for all the babies and check out Kyne's cute action-packed photo!

image taken by the Huggies Photographer during the event

We have been using the new Huggies Ultra pants on baby Kyne for quite some time now. Being promoted to become a mother 4+ years ago and already had my second child, I have witness and tried a few generations of Huggies now, and the new Huggies Ultra Pants really caught my heart this time. It felt like the product design team had really been listening to parents or they must be parents with babies themselves! This is the pull up pants I love the most to date. 

I had covered the design and features of the new Huggies Ultra Pants for my child previously,  so I thought I will just share why this pant is good for me, as the mother & main caregiver:

Non Allergy.
There was a certain generation of Huggies that my elder boy was allergic to.  But I had request for sample for my elder boy for the new huggies ultra pants and he is totally fine with it now! 

Saves Space.
As a pull up pants, the new Huggies Ultra Pant is very slim and compact, in fact, its slimmer than some normal diaper! Whenever I bring the new Huggies ultra pants out, it leave me a lot more room to either pack extra clothing or just a slimmer bag to carry! 

Superb Absorbency.
If Kyne doesn't poo,  he can wear the huggies ultra pant for 6 hours straight whenever we are out! 
That's why i can afford to bring them out very often!

Actually it can last him up to 13 hours through the night,  but in the day when we are out, I will try to change him by 6th hour because we sweat a lot in this hot weather and I like him to be more comfortable. 

I like that the new Huggies Ultra Pant has removable sides, where I can adjust the fit of the pant itself to my slim boy waistline. Sometimes, if I am changing him in the car and is inconvenient to take off baby's Kyne shoes and long pants just to change his pull up pants, I will open up the huggies ultra pants and put it on for him like a diaper. And for me, i hasn't seen him be able to take it off himself yet. 

Accident Proof.
So far I have no incident leakages at all with Kyne wearing the new Huggies Ultra Pants!

Disclaimer: We were invited to join Huggies at Polliwog Vivocity for a get-together and is compensated for the blog post. All images and opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.  

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