What's in our iNbox this month?

We were gifted the May's iNbox by Smart Alley, a local local educational toys retailer and distributor. 

iNbox is their new product launch in the market in late Feb this year, and i have read many raving reviews from other mums like A Happy Mum and Prune Nature, so imagine my joy when I was approached by Smart Alley to do a review plus giveaway for them! 

What is iNbox? You may ask. 

iNbox is an award winning monthly educational subscription box that Smart Alley developed together with early childhood development experts. Each box contains 4 to 5 meaningful and guided fun activities for you and your children, as well as an illustrated book that target and improve specific development areas of a child. Every month the child will receive an iNbox with a new theme! 

Joy is when we received this just before the June Holidays started!

May's theme was "I love my vegetables"

Items contained in our iNbox

Each activity is individually packed with an illustrated explanation sheet!

Activity One: My Garden

Hee, this is interesting because I really have a small garden at the estate's community garden, and i have been planting many of my own vegetables! Now, i had first signed up at the community garden to have an activity that I can do with my boy but ended up he wasn't so keen to help me and I am hooked on gardening. Yet, when I took out this activity with him, he was very interested! I think little children would like little things (little pot, little soil, little seeds as compared to the plot that I have to sow, LOL) and Kyle was pestering me to quickly him the the items and instructions. 

Activity explained clearly in an illustrated chart

See how focus Kyle was to grow his own plant

Kyle's first plants that he grew on his own
I was really surprised that Kyle had reminded me every day that it's time for him to water his plants. I love the way he is taking ownership of his own plants and taking responsibility to take care of it daily. This is probably the first time I had observe him like this as previously, every time i asked him to go down to the community garden with me, he will replied that he wants to play the Kick Scooter instead. -_-||

Activity Two: Chew and Munch

This activity is really to help encourage the child to eat more vegetables. The vegetables are grouped into three groups with 1, 2 and 3 stars. And for the week, the vegetables that the child eats will earn them the respective stars, which will be accumulated for a reward at the end of the week! iNbox is so considerate to even include a wrapped up gift box that contains different gifts that we can use to reward the child each week!

This is good for introducing the names of types of vegetables, I took an image of the chart in my mobile and showed it to Kyle during our supermarketing to ask him to identify the various vegetables and their names! 

I have not started him on the reward system yet though, simply because I am not really cooking during the June holidays. I am keeping this and will be using it when school starts again, to try to get him to try more vegetables. What I like is that once the system is introduced, it's very easy that we can continue it on our own using our own stickers and presents as motivation. 

Materials for the Chew and Munch Activity

A detailed vegetables chart grouped into 1, 2 and 3 stars grouping

a wrapped up gift box containing presents for rewarding the little one for accumulating the stars by eating vegetables!

Activity Three: Little Chef

This is actually a fun filled board game for players to work together to "cook" a soup by making matches of ingredients. Players have to match all of the ingredients before the fire under the kettle goes out and everyone wins! This game encourages cooperation, as well as eliminates stress, builds self-esteem and teaches children that playing together can be fun. Matching the ingredients also helped to train our memory!

The activity comes with an detailed illustrated guide, as well as a very good quality board and game cards which can really lasts a long time. I love how this activity can be kept for repeated future play. 

materials for the Little Chef activity

Activity Four: My Vegetable Family

This is a art and craft activity where the child will make a very beautiful desktop photo frame. I like how all the materials for this craft are provided, including the glue and floor protector sheet to prevent again mess!

This surely will help the child with fine motor skills as well as creativity. There is sensory play too as the child will have to work with the colored sand.

Sorry I have not started this activity with my child yet as I intend to leave it till the last week of the school holiday to do. Do follow me on my Instagram @Miraculet to see our completed works. :)

materials provided for the "My vegetable family" activity

Activity Five: Where is my Carrot?

The last activity contained in the box is actually a beautifully illustrated story book. It's spring and the four friends are all set to grow their own vegetables to eat healthy. But, to everyone's surprise, Venky's carrots go missing. While the friends are puzzled about the mystery, there is one person who holds the key to the mystery. :)

I shan't disclosed too much of the storyline, but what I like about this book is that it's very colorful and eye catching. The first time Kyle saw it, he pester me to read it to him immediately. The other thing i like about this book is that it explains how to grow vegetables and what is required to care for them. It also explains the growth of different types of vegetables in a simple to understand way, which is great for children!

I know there are quite a few subscription boxes out there, and having tried a few myself, I feel that they are all different slightly. iNbox is developed by industry experts and each box is so thoughtful, that it is designed to fulfil AT LEAST 12 children developmental benchmarks out of the following list:

I like that not all the activities contained in the box are hands on, there are games as well as a book to read which parents can use their creativity to take the activity further if we want. There are many instances that we can ask the child a question to allow the child to think and imagine. For the May's iNbox, definitely i see a lot of science is incorporated which i feel is very good for our children too. :) 

Now, it's sharing time! 

Smart Alley is very generous to provide a special promotion for our readers, if you would like to sign up for iNbox!

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Promotion Ends 30th June 2014. 

Smart Alley is even more generous to give away 2 Free iNboxes for our readers! Simply follow the steps below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* Contest is for Singapore Only
* Contest ends 22 June 2014.
* Winners will be announced on blog and will be contacted via email
* Smart Alley will post the iNbox to you

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/myinbox.sg and www.myinbox.sg

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