We are Family! by Canon Singapore

Over the weekend, we have a blast at Canon Pixma’s "We are Family!" Craft workshop! This being the first time we attended such an event, we do not know what to expect and turned up empty handed as a family of four!
Every family gets a goodie bag full of craft materials inside. At every tables, the crafts supplies like scissors, glue and tapes were all provided! We see that many that turned up were families and expected that this shall be a family fun day!
We were guided by the hosts Jeremy and Joanne to print out photos wirelessly using our smartphones, through the many Canon Pixma Printers stationed all around the hall! I am sure your smartphone contains many many much treasured family photos right? We do not even need to be connected to any wifi network to print the photos. We just need to turn on the wifi on our smartphones and open the Pixma Printing Solutions App which we pre-installed prior to the event, choose a printer to connect to wirelessly and start printing!
We were queuing with other parents to print photos from the Pixma Printers stationed all over the hall

Every family was allocated a seat at different tables, and there were many families at the event!

A mother & son pair sharing the same table as me, doing crafts together

even my hubby is participating and helping me with the crafts! I am glad that my hubby enjoyed the day with us too!

The hosts guided us the steps to make the crafts. What is worth mentioning is that, almost all the materials, are pre-printed by Canon using their printers!
We can actually print ourselves, from the online printing resources from Canon Creative Park and Canon Pixma Town , all for free! Resources such as cards, gift boxes, scrapbook decorations, 3D Decoupage and even calendars!
Our Craft #1: All materials except for the ribbon, are printed using the Canon Pixma Printer!

Craft 2: An easy peasy pop up photo

I think what made the event a successful and fun one, was the hosts! They were engaging and funny at times. Children also get to participate in live games such as quizzes and on stage challenges to win prizes.
A photo with the hosts: Jeremy, Joanne, Blogger Esther, Baby Kyne and Me

Cannot resist a selfie with the pretty host Joanne

Nice to meet up with friends at the event, this is Esther who blogs at http://bellaelysiumcrafts.wordpress.com

We would like to thank Canon Singapore for bringing this great event to us! Of course, through this event, I came to understand that we do not need to spend extra money to buy those pretty materials for crafting at home. The family can now spend time in front of the computer together, to choose and print out online resources and do crafts together. This is a great family bonding idea at home! Of course crafting needs not be limited to things related with family photos, but I for one, truly treasure family, so I think we will be doing more family albums together as a family!
Kids are only young once, so do treasure your time with them and spend more quality time together! Have a great June school holidays!

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