The Things He Said

While wiping Kyle dry after his bath, he said "Mummy,i love you!"

"No! I don't love you!" I told him.

"Mummy you joking to me!" he said laughing. (He must have picked up the word "Joking" from one of the recent cartoons!)

"No! I don't love yoooooou! I simply love you very very muuuuuuch!" and then we both chuckled out loud.

"How Kyle? I love you so muuuuuch that our house is not big enough to hold it!" *stretched my arms out exaggeratedly*

"I know! I know! So much! It's like true love first kiss!" and he gave me a kiss on my lips.

All of a sudden, I just felt very touched and warmth by his words. He had watched Shrek and had been telling me that he wanna gives me the true love's first kiss. Which he did. Hahahaha, i am his first love! I wonder how will he think when he's an adult, and what will my future daughter in law thinks. Rofl! It's my secret to keep and remember.

There was once, I came home to a messy kitchen. I knew it was Baby Kyne who ransacked the kitchen cabinets and took out all the disposable bowls to play so I lamented to Brother Kyle that "Aiyo! DD is so notti! He messed up the kitchen!" To which Kyle replied: "don't worry mommy! I help you!" And he was keeping them happily! My 大宝贝长大了!他很懂事! I am very proud of him!

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