Heal our Body with Ganban-Yoku Therapy (岩盤浴)

Since my first child arrived, the one thing i am most deprived of is exercising! (erm.. breastfeeding not counted as exercise though it helps to burn calories! ;p)

Last year October, i had actually signed up for Zumba classes at the community centre, I started from a twice weekly session which I then dropped to a weekly class and finally, i threw in the white towel and called it quits by December! Honestly, i enjoyed the Zumba classes. I love sweating it out. And i lose a lot of weight during that 4 months. But my breastfeeding body that wakes a few times each night, simply can't take that strenuous exercise! I was always feeling faint half way through the class and so i Quit. ; /

So, when i received the invitation by Anti-Oxidant Centre to try out their Ganban Yoku and Ganban Yoga therapies, I did my own research to find out more on what it is all about first, and after reading, I grabbed the rare opportunity!

Anti-Oxidant Centre is located at 1 Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574633

Why? Because this is very popular in Japan and most of the customers in Singapore that visit Anti-Oxidant Centre are Japanese too! I mean, there must be a secret to why Japanese ladies all look so slim and radiant despite of ages right? For thousands of years, the Japanese have been strong advocates of holistic treatments, using non-invasive and therapeutic methods to counter physical imbalances and eradicate toxins that might create diseases. Ganban Yoku is one such spa-like treatment to recently make its way to Singapore shores. Despite being widely accepted in Japan for the last 15 years, this treatment is relatively new around the rest of the world and even more so in Singapore.

So, what exactly is Ganban-Yoku?

Ganban-yoku is a method of keeping fit that involves lying down on an heated "anti-oxidant bed", which is specially constructed using special ceramic tiles that release over 2 million negative ions/cm3, that will flow into your body to neutralise toxins.

the specially built Ganban Yoku Beds (Image by Anti-Oxidant Centre)

Anti-oxidants are naturally occurring substances that have extra electrons to give up. They are beneficial to our health by preventing oxidation of substances known as free radicals. Oxygen is essential to life, but as our bodies use oxygen, we generate free radicals. These free radicals are positively charged molecules which attack and drain energy from the body's cells. Our body can cope with some free radicals and needs them to function effectively. However, an overload of free radicals has been linked to inflammation, ageing and illness such as cancer and heart disease. Anti-oxidants balance the free radicals and keep them from draining energy from the body's cells.

Compared to a sauna, you actually get more perspiration from ganban-yoku. The ganban-yoku beds are warmed by the heater installed under the slabs, and emit far-infrared rays and negative ions. Far-infrared rays penetrate the human body and are absorbed by cells causing a number of reactions such as dilation of blood vessels which improve blood circulation, speed up the metabolism and help eliminate wastes. These rays also accelerate the production and restoration of collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face, and promote anti-aging.

Benefits of Ganban Yoku
  • Anti-aging
  • Increased metabolism and promote weight loss
  • Reduced cholesterol level
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Relief of pain and stiffness caused by rheumatism
  • Improved immunity
How it works

The ganban-yoku therapy is simple, yet very rewarding: Fully clothed in the yukata provided by Anti-Oxidant Centre, we just need to lie down and rest in the rooms for 45 mins. These anti-oxidant beds consist of special ceramic tiles which naturally release Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions to help our body perspire and “detoxify”. The rooms are kept between 39° to 41° C with the humidity at about 30%, providing a comfortable temperature that is both safe and enjoyable for people of all ages.

To enjoy the therapy, we simply have to:

Step 1: Change to the Yukata and proceed to the Anti-Oxidant room with towel and bottled Anti-Oxidant water
The Yukata and towels provided by Anti-Oxidant Centre (Image by Anti-Oxidant Centre)

Step 2: Lie on Anti-Oxidant beds for 45 minutes
(Image by Anti-Oxidant Centre)

Step 3:
Finish therapy by resting in the cooling room for 5 minutes

Step 4: Enjoy a glass of enzyme drink before heading to shower.
The enzyme drinks are all made by Anti-Oxidant Centre themselves, with flavors Lemongrass, Ginger, Dragon fruit, hawthorn and Mango. We were told that the enzyme drinks will help our bodies digest, absorb and utilise nutrients while delivering oxygen throughout our bodies. (Image by Anti-Oxidant Centre)

The Ladies Room with changing, bathing and toilet facilities. There is hair dryers provided too. (Image by Anti-Oxidant Centre)

My Experience

I went for Ganban Yoku therapy together with my mum and sister. The staff provided us each with a set of Yukata to change into, as well as a set of face towel and bath towel, so basically we do not have to bring anything ourselves, which I feel is really convenient to go to the centre for therapies!

We were also each provided a water bottle and were told to keep half bottle of it before entering the treatment room and we should continue drinking water while inside the therapy room to aid and replenish water loss. 

When we went into the therapy room, the very helpful staff explained to us the positions when we can lie on the bed and its benefits, as well as where to place our hands and soles to best encourage blood circulation. Thereafter, we were left alone and lights were dimmed. 

The beds were not hot but pretty warm and the areas in contact with the bed actually felt very good (recommended sitting position, followed by back, left or right and front, or anywhere where you have body aches). Before i went for this therapy, i did wonder if i can endure the time lying down there doing nothing and there is no massage some more? But ahahaha, i realised i enjoyed the opportunity to lie down and rest! Seriously! i am taking care of two active boys and is really sleep deprived. Ok, i didn't fall asleep at all during the 45 minutes, but i really get to rest. And we (me, my mom and sister) were chatting from time to time. Boy! we were most amazed by the amount of sweat we had from the 1st minute we lay down on the bed! Feeling disgusted by the amount of sweat, I had asked the staff if they clean the bed after each customer left? And to my relief, the answer is Yes! Definitely! They disinfect the beds after each customer that completed their treatment. 

I actually have body aches woes (yes, i feel very old now, my body is so weak!) but after the session, my body pains were gone and returned only a few days later. That very night after the therapy, I slept very soundly since ages, so much so that i didn't noticed baby kyne shifted in his sleep till the foot of the bed and he fell off the bed at almost dawn! (guilty as charged, but usually i am a light sleeper, which also explains why i am constantly feeling tired). 

However, the next day after waking, I was plagued by a very bad case of migraine. I had checked with my mum and sister and realised that they were both down with very bad case of migraine too. Based on something a TCM doctor told me last time, i believe the migraine was a result of improved blood circulation. Hopefully with repeated regular treatments, the symptoms can get better!

Sharing something interesting, I had measured myself before i left home and upon coming home after treatment, i lost close to 2kg (i believe it's mainly of water!) No wonder the body pains i had been feeling went away! I believe too much water retention actually gave me rheumatism pains. 

What is Ganban Yoga?

(Image by Anti-Oxidant Centre)

Ganban-yoga is a combination of gentle yoga practiced in the Anti-Oxidant rooms and is truly an unique experience.  Anti-Oxidant Centre provides the basic and intermediate Yoga classes. The 1 hour session includes stretching and doing basic yoga on the heated Anti-Oxidant stone slabs that radiate far infrared rays and negative ions. Customers can expect tentative attentions from our certified instructors in this small class of 8 people.

A session includes :
• 45 minutes of hot yoga and
• 15mins of ganban-yoku therapy

My experience with Ganban Yoga

Due to my time schedule constraints, I went for the Intermediate Yoga class. Unlike Ganban Yoku, i have to bring along my own comfortable yoga outfit to change into. Face towel and bath towel were provided by the Centre.

I am not a very yoga person cos my body is really stiff and i practically don't have the muscles to support myself for some poses. some of the poses were very challenging for me and i started to check the clock very often to hope time will pass faster. LOL! I went for yoga classes before, but all add together, I probably did not do Yoga for more than 5 times in my life! This is the first time ever that i am sweating buckets!


Anti-Oxidant Centre is centrally located at Thomson. There are many buses that one can take there. However, if you drive, you may not be able to find parking lots easily and even though it's free parking, you can park at the private housing at your own risks.

(Image by Anti-Oxidant Centre)

Anti-Oxidant Centre Pte Ltd
A: 1 Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574633
T: +65 6756 0636
E: info@anti-oxidantcentre.com.sg

Opening Hours
Tue – Fri : 10am till 10pm
Sat, Sun, Mon & PH : 10am till 7pm


If you are keen, this is the 2014 package menu for Anti-Oxidant Centre. :) 
I have taken this image, do check with Anti-Oxidant Centre directly for pricings as it may change. 

But good news is, there is special price for trial Ganban-Yoku Therapy and trial Ganban-Yoga class for my readers! 

Just let the staff know that you are Miracule's reader when you call them for an appointment! 

S$10 for a trial Ganban-Yoku therapy
S$20 for a trial Ganban-Yoga class

*Valid for new customer only

If you enjoy the Ganban-Yoku therapy and /or Ganban-Yoga class, Anti-Oxidant Centre is now having Great Singapore Sale promotion till 27 July 2014!

5 x Ganban-Yoku therapy sessions for S$100 (usual price S$180)
5 x Ganban-Yoga classes S$175 (usual price S$200) 

*Can share between family or friends. Expiry date for the therapy and classes: 31 July 2014 

Now, Anti-Oxidant is very generous to offer a giveaway to one lucky reader on my blog to win (not One but) THREE Ganban-Yoku therapy sessions! The winner can share the sessions with friends or family. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Condition:
1) Giveaway only valid for Singapore only. 
2) Winner will be announced on the blog and contacted via email.
2) The validity of the therapy sessions will be for 2 months upon announcing the winner.

Disclaimer: I was invited to try the Ganban Yoku and Ganban Yoga class for review purposes. No monetary compensation was involved. All experiences and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated. Do note that content on this post is informational only, it is not presented by a qualified healthcare professional. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have medical conditions, please consult your medical practitioner first before trying.

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