A Camera That Tells Your Story

Gone were the days where me and my boyfriend (now the hubby) were dating and he was always taking pictures for me.. Now i don't even get any decent pictures of myself unless we go for photo shoots. 

There was something that I had been wondering for a while now.. How does my children sees me? 

And recently I came across a very cool camera, i think it's the first in the market (I may be wrong). The Canon Powershot N100 features Canon's first dual capture feature and comes with Story Highlight mode, using Canon’s original algorithm to select and weave existing shots and video footages into a compelling tale. 

Canon called it a Story Camera, because the PowerShot N100 is equipped with a sub camera (Story camera) on the back (above the LCD monitor) allowing the camera to shoot images and movie of the photographer. The window size of the story camera is versatile and can be changed (3 sizes, 4 positions), and can be set to on/off. So, with Dual Capture at the same moments, images / movie captured by story camera (the sub camera) are inserted into a still image (dual photo) or movie (dual movie) shot by the main camera. Very confusing to read right?

But I am very lucky to be able to get my hands on one unit for trial and review purposes! Just see my pictures and movies captured using the N100 below and you will understand what I am talking about!

first, i was secretly capturing Kyle picture while he was at play

Kyle found out and was coming over to check the camera out! You can see Baby Kyne who was with me behind the camera was intrigued by the screen. 

And then Kyle wants to take pictures so we quietly take pictures of Baby Kyne

Here's Kyle having a go at taking the picture on his own

Baby Kyne was going to cry cos he thought we left him alone in the play room. Mommy is so happy to see him cry. LOL

Here's a very excited Kyle when i brought him to collect the Bunny Music Player and there I was, always right behind him, wearing Baby Kyne on me. 
I really like how I can now see and remember moments even better with the dual capture image. Just look at those pictures above! They tell my life as a SAHM better isn't it? It's no longer just me narrating but I am actually a part of it in the pictures too! Nevermind my crazy hair, aunty clothings or the ugly tired face. What I saw from theses pictures are the smiles on me when I am with my children, and of course their everything too. This is the first time I can see how happy I am being a SAHM!! :D

Here's a video to show how Dual Movie is like:

Of course! If you are wondering, the camera does takes normal pictures too! ;p You can switch to single camera mode and boy, I had always been a Canon user, but the new camera software is really rock solid for dummies photo taking! The camera alone has many shooting modes you can choose from, which I particularly like these modes: Creative Shot, Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Background Defocus, Soft Focus, Monochrome, Super Vivid, Poster Effect!! Theses effects saved me time from editing pictures and I LOVE IT!

People who knows me, knows that I have absolutely no capacity to lug along a camera when I am out with my children! I singlehandedly take care of both myself while hubby is at work ok.. But with this easy to carry around rugged camera, I can take very nice pictures of them! I am trying very hard to hint hint hubby to get me a present already!

Baby Kyne is getting cuter by the days! He actually imitating Brother and wants to read too!

Brother Kyle is forever my little handsome boyfriend..

The photos taken at Azur Restaurant and the Barney Show live at City Square mall were also taken using the Canon Powershot N100 too! You can click on the links to view them.

Front of camera, image taken from my iphone

back of camera, picture taken with my iphone

If you are keen to find out more about this camera, you can go to http://www.canon.com.sg/personal/products/compact-cameras/powershot/powershot-n100 for more information. The camera is currently retailing at SGD449, with free 8GB SD Card and Case. 

Disclaimer: I was loaned a unit of Canon Powershot N100 for a period of one week for trial and review purposes. No compensation was involved. All opinions and images are taken by me. :)

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