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The Things He Said

While we were eating over dinner at Pasta Mania, Kyle had said "Hur hur! i burped!"
I replied him amusingly, "It's ok! Darling!"
K: "No No! Excuse me!"
Me: "Well done Kyle! You are truly a very courteous boy! Mommy's so proud of you!"
K: "WHAT?!"
Me: -_-|||

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Hands on Science : Life Cycle of a Butterfly

In May, my friend Sharon, had ask me if I am keen to get some caterpillars to rear at home with my boy. Since I had close encounters with so much creepy crawlies while doing gardening, so what's with caterpillar? Of course I hopped onto the bulk purchase wagon that her friend was organising and we got the , I collected two containers of a total of 3 caterpillars and 1 pupa home.

Honestly, before i showed Kyle the caterpillars, I was wondering how he will take to it. But to my surprise,  both my children were very curious over the caterpillar!  I had to be extra careful with Baby Kyne especially, he was so excited and kept grabbing at the containers. I was so afraid that he will get his hands on the containers and shake the caterpillars or take them out to squeeze the caterpillar to death! ; p

Kyle was very responsible.  At the sides of container were care instructions and he made me read and explained to him. He helped to put in fresh leaves twice daily with me overseeing. 

By th…

The Things He Said

While wiping Kyle dry after his bath, he said "Mummy,i love you!"
"No! I don't love you!" I told him.
"Mummy you joking to me!" he said laughing. (He must have picked up the word "Joking" from one of the recent cartoons!)
"No! I don't love yoooooou! I simply love you very very muuuuuuch!" and then we both chuckled out loud.
"How Kyle? I love you so muuuuuch that our house is not big enough to hold it!" *stretched my arms out exaggeratedly*
"I know! I know! So much! It's like true love first kiss!" and he gave me a kiss on my lips.
All of a sudden, I just felt very touched and warmth by his words. He had watched Shrek and had been telling me that he wanna gives me the true love's first kiss. Which he did. Hahahaha, i am his first love! I wonder how will he think when he's an adult, and what will my future daughter in law thinks. Rofl! It's my secret to keep and remember.

If you enjoy reading th…

Vaby is for Victory Baby and Vaby Box is...

Remember that I posted an image on my Instagram and Facebook that something exciting is brewing and will be reveal soon?

Well here is it! Vaby Box by Vaby!

First in Singapore, Vaby Box is a surprise mummy & baby (from 0 to 7 years old) sample box delivered to your home every month, containing relevant sample-sized items and discount vouchers that allow parents to try new and interesting products and services. You will not know what you will be receiving, thus there is this exciting and surprising element for parents!

The Vaby Box will be customized according to each member’s profile. Vaby members are able to create and update both their profile and their children’s profile, where Vaby will be able to identify relevant product samples for parents and their children to try. Should you like what they offered in the Vaby Box, the full-sized products are also available in the Vaby Shop for purchase.

This sample box concept is extremely useful for parents, especially when we are conside…

Heal our Body with Ganban-Yoku Therapy (岩盤浴)

Since my first child arrived, the one thing i am most deprived of is exercising! (erm.. breastfeeding not counted as exercise though it helps to burn calories! ;p)

Last year October, i had actually signed up for Zumba classes at the community centre, I started from a twice weekly session which I then dropped to a weekly class and finally, i threw in the white towel and called it quits by December! Honestly, i enjoyed the Zumba classes. I love sweating it out. And i lose a lot of weight during that 4 months. But my breastfeeding body that wakes a few times each night, simply can't take that strenuous exercise! I was always feeling faint half way through the class and so i Quit. ; /

So, when i received the invitation by Anti-Oxidant Centre to try out their Ganban Yoku and Ganban Yoga therapies, I did my own research to find out more on what it is all about first, and after reading, I grabbed the rare opportunity!

Why? Because this is very popular in Japan and most of the customers i…

The Things He Said

The other day, while we walked to the car, Kyle suddenly spoke to me in Mandarin.

K: 妈,这是什么?

Me: Huh?! *I looked at him in blur*
K: 这是我们的汽车!
Me: 哇! 你好棒! 我真开心!
K: 我很厉害!
Me: 哈哈哈! 是的!你是我最厉害的宝贝!
Thank you the team at Kidstartnow! I am able to see my boy speaking more and more mandarin now, even without anyone initiating it. :) he is able to start a  chinese conversation by himself!

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What's in our iNbox this month?

We were gifted the May's iNbox by Smart Alley, a local local educational toys retailer and distributor. 
iNbox is their new product launch in the market in late Feb this year, and i have read many raving reviews from other mums like A Happy Mum and Prune Nature, so imagine my joy when I was approached by Smart Alley to do a review plus giveaway for them! 
What is iNbox? You may ask. 

iNbox is an award winning monthly educational subscription box that Smart Alley developed together with early childhood development experts. Each box contains 4 to 5 meaningful and guided fun activities for you and your children, as well as an illustrated book that target and improve specific development areas of a child. Every month the child will receive an iNbox with a new theme! 

Activity One: My Garden
Hee, this is interesting because I really have a small garden at the estate's community garden, and i have been planting many of my own vegetables! Now, i had first signed up at the community gar…

What this Mother's Day Means to Me

I took a very very long time to write this post, a post about my elder son, Kyle. This is the first time I am opening up about his condition on the blog, because my husband had encouraged me to do so. He believes that it will help others in the similar predicament to cope and be connected, as well as gives public an awareness and a glimpse about Autism in Singapore.

In fact, since the confirmation of his diagnosis in Feb this year, I have accumulated many different draft blog posts about Kyle, because all my thoughts were fragmented, my feelings were forcefully kept and put away, simply because every time when I started to cry during writing, I stopped immediately and refused to continue, I refused to give myself the time to feel. I do not like the sour feeling in the heart and that my heart can actually really tightened and cramped. 
My Kyle is Autistic. To be precise, Kyle has Asperger's Syndrome as informed by the psychologist and doctor. Autism is actually a spectrum and ever…

A Camera That Tells Your Story

Gone were the days where me and my boyfriend (now the hubby) were dating and he was always taking pictures for me.. Now i don't even get any decent pictures of myself unless we go for photo shoots. 
There was something that I had been wondering for a while now.. How does my children sees me? 
And recently I came across a very cool camera, i think it's the first in the market (I may be wrong). The Canon Powershot N100 features Canon's first dual capture feature and comes with Story Highlight mode, using Canon’s original algorithm to select and weave existing shots and video footages into a compelling tale. 
Canon called it a Story Camera, because the PowerShot N100 is equipped with a sub camera (Story camera) on the back (above the LCD monitor) allowing the camera to shoot images and movie of the photographer. The window size of the story camera is versatile and can be changed (3 sizes, 4 positions), and can be set to on/off. So, with Dual Capture at the same moments, imag…

NoQ for Books this June Holiday?

Where do you usually get books for your child to read? When I was working last time, I used to buy so many books that I thought were good but LOL, just like all first time parents, many things which we believe are good may not worked for our child ya? I soon learnt that I am wasting a lot of money when I can just bring my boy to the library to expose him to a huge variety of books first, and narrow down to what he likes and what works for him. Which other place is better than our public libraries for this!? 
So, as i understand my boy better, I am also able to tell which types of books interests the him and which would encourage him to read on his own. I then buy theses books for our very own and we had been on our daily before-sleep-time reading routine since late March this year! :) 
This June holidays, I managed to grab some really value buy good books for Kyle from the NoQ Store! Actually I ordered theses books on 19 May and it arrived on 30 May, just before the school holidays! …