My Favorite Household Buys from iHerb

I am sure most of you have heard of iHerb before!

I am an iHerb customer since 2006! I was not yet married then! My purchases had changed drastically from a single young woman to now a homemaker mom of 2 boys!  But you will be amazed to hear that iHerb retails the products that catered to my needs like:

* Slimming and looking great (see my previous reviews here)
* Children's supplements
* Children's body wash
* Children's food
* Children's oral care : tooth tissues,  toothpaste

and now.... household products too!

As we moved into our very own house late last year,  barely within a month and my hands were hurting from the washing and cleaning.  and so, I looked into my trusty iherb and overhaul the household products! 

Sharing with you my favourite household products from iherb, what's yours? 

What are the household products you buy from iHerb, can you please leave a comment here to share with me and my readers, what are your good buys? I am very keen to know!

Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda, 100 loads
This all natural washing powder is VERY ECONOMICAL! You only need to use a spoonful (spoon provided in the container) for every load, and thus it can lasts a really long time! I have been staying at my new house for 6 months plus, i am not even halfway there for my 2nd box!

Eco Nuts Wool Dryer Balls
We have a dryer, because our service yard is such that the sun will never reach us and... c'mon! Having a dryer really save me the SAHM A LOT of time! I really love these huge wool dryer balls which help to come in between the clothes to lift and separate them while drying. I can't say for sure if it does saves drying time, but you know what? I actually drip a drop of my favorite essential oil on one of the balls whenever i spin the dryer! Our clothings smell so nice!

Eco-Me, Inc., Floor Cleaner, Herbal Mint
Upon moving into my own house, i already knew i wanted to look for something that is safe and really clean, for my baby will be spending a lot of time on the floors. This natural floor cleaner is really what i am looking for! You only need to use a capful each time, it smells really very nice, and i am still using the same bottle that i had purchased 6 months ago leh!!

Ecover, Natural Fabric Softener
This brand of all natural laundry softener has two scents available and i tried both - Sunny Day and Morning Fresh. I prefer the smell of Sunny Day. Just one capful into each load!

Method, Dish Soap Refill
I think you might see Method products selling locally in Singapore, but... iHerb is really cheap! I like this one litre refill pack! Ehem, i am using a small "designer" soap bottle for my kitchen instead of those dish soap bottles. So i really love buying refill packs to be more environmental friendly. This can be capped back so it's really very easy to refill and store!

I have always been buying Now Foods pure essential oils from iHerb. They are very affordable and good but i am lazy to mix my own blend. How exciting it is when Now Foods launched theses blended oils! When i bought them, they were at introductory price of only USD4.95 each! 

If you have not bought from iHerb before, you can start shopping now! 
iHerb ships to Singapore direct! For orders below 3kg, shipping is flat at only USD4 only! 

If it's your first time purchase, you will be very pleased to know that you can use the coupon code: LIM954 to get either USD5 (for order below USD40) or USD10 (for order above USD40) OFF your first purchase! 

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