Mamirobot Took Over My Household!

Last Monday, like any other weekdays, I brought Big Brother Kyle to school and rushed home to clean the house - vacuum and mop, before it's time to pick him up from school again. Doing chores had become more tedious now, because Baby Kyne will cry & cry & CRY and demanded to be carried! He is getting very in the way when i carried him in the carrier as I do my chores..

I wished I do not need to spend my precious time on doing the trivial things but can spend quality time with the kids as well as have some quality me time whenever I can rest. I had been thinking of getting a robotic vacuum cleaner for a while, and after reading Prudent Mummy's SAHM Survival Guide, the desire to own one is even stronger!

And so, when I saw a promotion for Mamirobot on Qoo10 and after reading through its' features and watching the product demonstration video, i purchased it immediately! :) This Mamirobot was awarded the "Best Value For Money Robotic Vacuum Cleaner" in the "Simply Her Smart Shopper Clean Home Heros 2014". 
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I got a really good deal during this promotion! The Features of Mamirobot K7 PPORO that i bought from seller MAMIROBOT-SINGAPORE are:

My Mamirobot is charging for its first time

  • At Promotional Price of S$399 inclusive of delivery
  • Pay S$20 lesser when I opt for self collection
  • Comes with an extra handheld vacuum cleaner for easy ad hoc cleaning
  • Can Mop at the same time or just do mopping function only
  • Comes with 3 years LOCAL Warranty
  • Made in Korea!!
  • Free Accessories Package worth S$60 bundled in! 
Of course, this was purchased during the promotion. If you are keen, please do check with the seller directly if they will have a promotion again and please note, I am not affiliated with the seller in any way. This post is also in no ways sponsored by anyone, I am just sharing my own reviews as many friends are asking me about it.

So, last Monday was the last I vacuumed and mopped the house, I collected the Mamirobot home on Tuesday and was charging it for 12 hours. I started running it on Tuesday night by letting it roamed while we stayed in the master bedroom to sleep. 

It's not a quiet machine. But none of us are affected by the sound it produces. Even baby could sleep though with the noise, when I ran the machine while he was napping in the living room. ;p

On a full charge, the battery lasts slightly below 2 hours. It will only go back to its docking station for charging on its own, if it is within a 1.5 metre range from it's docking station. For mine, I hid the docking station in the study room, blocked by a cabinet and piano because I realised that Baby Kyne is very attracted to the docking station. My robot is usually stuck somewhere else battery flat and I carried it back to the charging base. ;p If you want it to have higher chance to return to its docking station on its own, you can try to start it cleaning furthest away from the docking station and let it clean it's way back. 

Cleaning Power
My house has a lot of hairs, the very first time i run it, I thought the machine didn't picked the hair up. However, the next morning when i came out from the master bedroom, wow, the floors looked so clean! 

this is already day 5 of using the robot!

I used it for consecutive days.. so the last time i vacuumed and mopped was on Monday, i depended on Mamirobot to clean since Tuesday night and by Saturday, we felt the floors were sticky though visibly it looked clean. ;p Well, it's expected from me, because no matter how smart the robot it, it is not possible to cover the floor totally, see below image on the spider spinning web cleaning mode for more information. Now i only need to do a through vacuuming and mopping once a week!

if you looked at the total covered area, there are bound to be slight areas not carried
TIP 1: Please remember to pick up the toys and objects on the floors before running the robot. I even pushed in the chairs and some loose furnitures so that the robot can clean the maximum floor space. 

This is how i do it the night before i activated the robot! Most of the things go up the sofa! ;p

TIP 2: As we are at home most of the time and for more effective cleaning, I started locking the robot into rooms by closing the door on it while we stayed in another area to play. 10 mins is enough to cover our normal HDB room. So after it's done, i let it out into another room and close the door on it again. ;p

Mopping is easy, the machine comes with 5 pieces of cloth (I got 10 because of the extra bundled accessories). Just wet the cloth and paste it to the bottom of the machine and it will mop as it vacuums. You can also select a function on the remote (oh yes! It comes with a remote control!) for exclusive mopping only function. 

You can schedule the robot to start cleaning how many hours later. But you have to repeat this step every day. This robot does not have a memory built in to remember to run at 8am everyday. ;p

The Machine actually talks! It will let you know when it's charging, fully charged, battery low or even when it's stucked! Because we are at home most of the time, if i hear that it's stuck while trying to climb up my standing fan, i just go over to rescue it. ;p Once, i heard it calling for "help" because I had forgotten to close a bathroom door and it was tangled up with the floor towel. ;p 

I don't clear the bin everyday. To clear is easy, just simply pour the contents into the waste bin and give a water rinse for the container. For the filter, i use my hand to brush the coat of dust off and i replaced a filter once after a week, so i guess I may replace the filter once a week. 
The amount of dirt captured within two days

In summary, I say this Mamirobot works very well for me, a SAHM and it's well within my affordable budget. Because I am home most of the time, I can charge and run the machine as many times as i deemed fit. Also, I will deliberately bring it to clean some areas (like the kitchen after I am done with cooking, or the playroom after we are done with crafts). I can even afford the time to sit down together with my children to watch a cartoon now! 

However, if you are not at home most of the time, I am not sure if you will like to come home and find the machine stuck somewhere in the house without battery. The battery only lasts around 2 hours, I am not sure if it can thoroughly clean your home to your liking too. The seller is upfront to tell me that the machine may not go back to the docking station on it's own because it can only do that if it's within 1.5 metre range from its docking station. Now, can other brands really go back to its docking station on its own? I seriously doubt them too. Imagine if you are low on petrol in Choa Chu Kang, how do you return to Seng Kang?? ;p  

To end off my review, I just share the video demonstration of Mamirobot with you. :) 

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