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Kyne's First Medal

Baby is one year old, and I get to keep his first medal for him!

This is the first time we participated in a Children's Run Event, and it happened to be the the biggest Children's Run Event in Singapore - the Cold Storage Kids Run 2014! We find it really fun and refreshing! :) I guess we will start registering our children for various runs in future. :)

This year's Cold Storage Kids Run is held at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay. Though there were obviously insufficient parking facilities for such race events and race was quite disorganised at this venue, the views and environment at Gardens by the Bay balance out any inadequacy!

Previously, I have reviewed the Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy, thus we were pretty confident of using the stroller in this race event. Hubby accompanied Baby Kyne in the Stroller Race while i accompanied Big Brother Kyle to cheer for them! ;p

The stroller race is only 800 metres, just nice for the little ones with no fuss! Not only that, we had come…

Mamirobot Took Over My Household!

Last Monday, like any other weekdays, I brought Big Brother Kyle to school and rushed home to clean the house - vacuum and mop, before it's time to pick him up from school again. Doing chores had become more tedious now, because Baby Kyne will cry & cry & CRY and demanded to be carried! He is getting very in the way when i carried him in the carrier as I do my chores..
I wished I do not need to spend my precious time on doing the trivial things but can spend quality time with the kids as well as have some quality me time whenever I can rest. I had been thinking of getting a robotic vacuum cleaner for a while, and after reading Prudent Mummy's SAHM Survival Guide, the desire to own one is even stronger!
And so, when I saw a promotion for Mamirobot on Qoo10 and after reading through its' features and watching the product demonstration video, i purchased it immediately! :) This Mamirobot was awarded the "Best Value For Money Robotic Vacuum Cleaner" in the &…

Capturing our kids at Play with Bob Lee & Canon Singapore

We went for yet another #myfamilywcanon bonding event on last Saturday and met up with many parents bloggers! The event was held at Fidgets World @ Grandstand. Parents were in the room hearing Bob while our children were either in a baking or Art & Crafts class.
Bob Lee is an award winning Photographer. His numerous accolades and awards, garnered both locally and intentionally bears testimony to his immaculate craft. Albeit all his achievements, Bob has remained level-headed and continuously groom our young generation as a lecturer teaching Photography in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (2005 - 2007), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (2008 - present) and Egg Story Digital Arts School (2007 - present). You can find out more about him here.

During the session, Bob shared with us, in a very close to heart and yet full of humor way, his stories of him photographing his son in many moments of his son's growing up years. To me, Bob is not only a photographer or a father. His son, Lele, is autisti…

Fun for Free: Singapore Air Force Museum

I finally brought my children to the Singapore Air Force Museum!

If you have a boy or boys, I am sure they will love this place! They get to see various aircraft on display range from Singapore's first possessions: the Cessna 172K, BAC 167 Strikemaster and T-33 Shooting Star trainers, to early aircraft like Hawker Hunter and SF-260 SIAI Marchetti, and finally to more recent acquisitions including the UH-1B Helicopter and A4-S Skyhawk. Ok I don't know theses names. But to boys theses just fascinate them!

We went on a weekday afternoon, and i highly recommend you to consider going on a weekday because when we were there, we were the only visitors and had the whole museum to ourselves! I didn't had to worry about Kyle running amok or them making too much noise. :) 
Something to note though, I had naively thought that the Air Force Museum is located in the same area as the Air Base, so i drove and parked in the open air car park outside the base itself. Air Force Museum is ac…

Stay at Home Mother Survival Tips

When I quitted my job to become a Stay at Home Mother (SAHM), my parents and my parents-in-laws were worried if I can cope, after all, I was the studious nerd who topped my classes and was forbidden to do any house work when I was growing up and during the four years plus of staying with my in laws, their domestic helper was the one doing all the chores and cooking. 
Now that I had been a SAHM for almost 1.5 years, a mom of two boys for 1 year and having moved out and staying on our own for 9 months, I am actually quite proud of myself so far! I survived looking after a boy, a baby and myself!

If you do not know, my husband has to travel for his work, so there are days I become a single parent. I am the weekday driver (i also bring my children to hospitals for their follow-ups and therapies), mother, cow (I still breastfeed my younger son), maid (oh! it's never ending chores at home! *cries*), farmer (oh yes! I plant my own vegetables!), cook (Yes! i am amazed i can cook too!) an…

Drink Your Greens

When you have your meals outside, do you take the vegetables?

I don't! And i refrain from giving them to my children too, because i know that many vegetables outside are not washed prior to cooking.

And when you are at home, does everyone takes an adequate amount of vegetables?

Argh! I confess!! Though I really love eating vegetables, but in our home now, the only green vegetable that i cook is broccoli, and very recently, the lady fingers. I usually cooked all sorts of mushrooms, carrots, sweet corn, potatoes and the eggplant. I find vegetables very time consuming to wash and prepared. Having the mission of cooking and serving meals within a hour for my attention grabbing children, i made do with easy to prepare vegetables. :(

Very recently, Yakult has launched Yakult Health Foods in Singapore and I was invited to the debut launched!

It's interesting to know that Yakult Health Foods has powdered form of Aojiru, which means juice made of green vegetables! They have two types, the…