The New Huggies® Ultra Pants

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11 months old Baby Kyne enjoying his Huggies Products! 

We were over the moon to receive the new Huggies® Ultra Pants and the new Huggies® Ultra Diapers for review! I had used Huggies pants and diapers before, and the new Huggies® Ultra Pants and Diapers showed very big improvements from the previous version!  I am very impressed with the new Huggies® Ultra products which are imported directly from South Korea! 

Other than being clinically proven to prevent diaper rash and boasting overnight absorbency, the new Huggies® Ultra boosts new features that are so premium, i feel so excited as a mom, seeing and touching it! 

Boys and Girls Pants
The new Huggies® Ultra Pants are now gender specific, meaning you buy different pants for boys and girls. I am totally into this, as the pee area for boys and girls are really so different! It makes perfect sense to buy boys pants for my baby so that he will be comfortable when he pees. 

New Underwear-Like Design
The designs of the Huggies® Ultra Pants have also changed to become cuter and very colorful, which fits well when wore under clothes, just like real underwear. Each pack comes with 2 designs available so every diaper change I feel happier wondering which design i took. 

boys design 1

boys design 2

Easy Open Sides
The Huggies® Ultra Pants actually comes with Easy Open Sides refastenable Tapes that has a low peel strength and high sheer strength to prevent it from popping open but still makes it easy for moms to open! The design and shape of the hook on the pants is easier to peel it down than across, which also would make it harder for the child to open himself or herself! This i really love for i can actually adjust the tapes to provide Kyne with a more customized fit! Some pull up pants are loose for my boy, despite me buying according to the weight chart. In fact, the old Huggies® Ultra Pants was loose for Kyne even when he is wearing according to his weight, but now, with the new Huggies® Ultra Pants, I am able to let him wear the pants and can adjust to give him a better fit! So far i have no issues with him removing his pants yet! 

the pants comes with refastenable Magic tapes that makes it easier to remove or adjust for better fit!

Leakage Protection Guard
The new Huggies® Ultra Pants comes with specially designed double layered leakage protection leg guards, which allows pants to stay in place even with the most active movements. More importantly, as I can adjust the fit of the pants, it also helped to make the pants more fitting for Kyne to prevent leakage problems. The elasticity of the bands are just nice, not too tight or too loose, just like a real underwear. And it's also soft, making it comfortable even wearing for long hours on Kyne. 

i love this dual layered leakage protection band!

Wetness Indicator
The boys' pants has yellow stars which turn blue when baby peed! I no longer need to open to feel for diaper wetness to see if i require to change the diaper! This feature is usually only seen in Korean or Japanese premium diapers!!

the wetness indicator close up

when it's wet

Ultra Slim and Yet Absorbent
You know like us ladies buy pads for our monthly period, I always go for ultra slim pads with cottony top. I hate wearing bulky pads which are so uncomfortable, so i had always wonder why pull up pants are usually quite thick, won't baby feels uncomfortable crawling or moving around in a bulky pant? The new Huggies® Ultra Pants are ultra slim!! So slim i really love packing them into my diaper bag, cos it help the diaper bag become more compact. And it comes with really soft cottony top! I read that this new Huggies® Ultra Pants is using a new slim absorbent core technology, which allows the pants a superior overnight absorbency which locks wetness away without the bulk!

check how slim the pants is!

i love the soft cottony top

I am quite a sucker, hee, i am very into korean dramas and upon seeing a korean word on the diaper itself makes me love the diaper even more. Korea is quite well known for manufacturing premium products!

Front and back indicator on the pant.

I think this new Huggies® Ultra Pants is a very good news for many parents. We can start wearing pull up pants for our babies earlier as we can adjust the sides for a more custom fit. The pant is really comfortable and feels just like his underwear, so baby is moving around unobstructed and carefree. Leakage problems are also more controlled given the more fitting dual layer guard as well as parents can adjust the fit for baby too. I really heart the new Huggies® Ultra Pants! 

Kyne seems very satisfied with it too!

Kyne checking the pants upon wearing for the first time! i heart his reaction to the pants!

he is zipping around really fast now!

always crawling around and standing whenever he can

and very curious too!

New Huggies Ultra Pants Sizing Information

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Disclaimer: We received Huggies Products for review and is compensated for the blog post. All images and opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated. 

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