Going Out with Baby: On Dirty High Chairs & Packing Baby's Food

I am sure all parents faced the same problem that I do, when we bring our little ones out for dining. Baby chairs in any restaurants, are always very dirty, sticky,  oily, and dusty.  I always take out the sanitising wet wipes and give the chair a good wipe down before putting baby in, but i still feel uncomfortable with it.

i am always in shocked when waiters bring me the high chair

dust, stains, oily, sticky

so you dare to put your baby down without cleaning?

Some restaurants, especially fast food chains, have baby chairs that are dirty beyond descriptions! *Horror* To counter it, I had tried not to put baby down and carry him in my arms as I ate but as he grows bigger,  this had become a really difficult task. I tried leaving him in stroller but strollers are usually not allowed into restaurants and I may not bring the stroller out every time too.  

Happy to come across a really cool solution to this problem! I am a lucky mommy, to be able to review the MNB high chair cover, which comes in 5 very nice colors: Ocean Blue, Kiwi Green, Pepper Red, Lavender and Cappuccino.

Image from NewBabySingapore

In the April 2011 issue of Parents magazine, there was a short article about a study done by the University of Arizona. In this study, researchers swabbed the arms and seats of thirty restaurant high chairs. Keep in mind that all of these high chairs looked clean. When the results came in, the bacteria counts were much higher than that of an average public toilet seat. Not a counter top, not a door handle, not even an average home toilet seat…but a public toilet seat. People use paper seat covers rather than sit on a public toilet, but may be putting their child in a seat that is much dirtier! 
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So now, i stop wasting endless number of sanitising wet wipes on wiping the high chairs every time we are out. I just take out the high chair cover and fit it into any high chair before putting baby in! It can be folded into a small squarish size and comes with a transparent plaster cover. I leave this high chair cover in the car and bring it down every time i am bring baby out to eat.

Every time I used it, without fail, there will surely be parents coming over to tell me this is such a brilliant idea! They would like to get one for their Little Ones too!

You might be glad to know that this MNB High Chair Cover fits most high chairs & even supermarket trolley! And it's machine washable! Whenever I feel a particular high chair is too dirty, i just dump the high chair cover into the washing machine to spin and hang it out to dry within a day!

It's currently retailing at SGD24.90 each and you can click here for more information.

Image from Qubies Australia

As I do not want Baby Kyne to take any salt or seasoning before 2 years old. I make it a point to cook separately for him. I have since been cooking in bulk every week and freeze them in cubes for Kyne. During his mealtime,  I will take out 1 to 3 cubes and defrost them to mix into rice or pasta for baby.

However, there's a little problem. Every time we goes out, I have problem bringing food out for him. I can only defrost at home in the container and feed him in the car. The small food container I bring out is still bulky and adds to the bulk in the diaper bag. So, I sometimes ended up giving him the instant food pouches that we buy off the shelves or, feeding him sips of whatever we are eating (and then feeling very guilty after). 

When I first come across this Qubies Reusable Food Pouches, I am very skeptical. Reusable?? Oh sorry but it just sounds very new for me!

Qubies Food Pouches are:
* BPA, Phthalate & PVC Free
* Microwavable
* Stores up to 200ml
* Stores homemade vegetables puree, juices and stocks!

After using them, can i say it is brilliant? After cooking and puree, I will freeze some portions into the Qubies food pouches. Whenever we are going out, I just need to take along one pouch.  I do not have to transfer the food or or heat up immediately.  When I wanna use it later, I just put the food pouch into hot water to heat up, turn the cap and pour out into a small bowl or directly into spoon to feed! 

large window to display food contents inside

you can label each food pouch easily

to use, simply just pour out

there is no wastage

Washing it though, is not as easy as i initially thought! I had made Avocado Puree on one occasion and the washing was tough, all because avocado is greasy!  

soak in soapy water

opening of pouch is small so i can't put my hand in to attempt cleaning the corners

luckily i used to bottles washing method and manage to clear the greasiness!

Just dry it like other utensils!

The Qubies Reusable Food Pouch is currently retailing at SGD24.90 for a box of 10 pouches. You can click here to find out more.

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