Bond and learn with your child through crafts and play

Psst! Have you heard of Lollibox before?

Though it sounds alike, but nope! The box does not contains a boxful of Lollipops! 

Lollibox is a parcel delivered to the home, full of hands on fun for a child. It is filled with materials and inspiration related to a specific theme such as animals, plants, colours and many more. You can buy the box individually or subscribe to the service and your child will receive a new box each month with different themes! 

LolliBox is recommended for kids aged 3 to 7 years old!

Each box include the below 4 major components:

Create: Hands-on art and craft projects help to develop kids’ creativity and expression, with all the materials included!

Discover: A theme-based project to enrich kids’ minds, with all the materials necessary to involve kids’ observation, experiment and active play!

Enrich: Carefully selected activities and exercises to further educate and stimulate the kids’ imaginations!

Award: A badge is provided for parents to award the child upon completion of all the activities! It is to help boost his self confidence and sense of achievement!

We got and will be reviewing in this blog post, the "Awesome Adventure Theme" Box.

It contains a description of the theme of the box

"Adventures are what makes life exciting for all of us, be it for kids or adults. Satisfy and encourage your child’s curiosity and a sense of adventure about the world around them!"

As well as what is included in the box!

all activities are nicely packed individually with all the instructions and materials you will need

Create – My Compass Necklace

Kids have fun developing their hand-eye coordination and learn the basics of navigation as they create their own compass necklace and decorate it anyway they like. Equipped with their compass, they will always be able to find their way around when exploring the world! 

even the lil baby brother is curious and wanna be part of the activities

i like how all the materials are packed inside! no need for me to prepare beforehand!

roll, press, knead!

painting his own necklace pendant

our finished product! we suppose to paste the compass when the painting is dry and clay hardens., follow by stringing the pendant!

Discover – My Awesome Binoculars 

Every little explorer needs a pair of binoculars to explore new places and things. Kids will learn how to closely observe and discover things that are new to them with their own binoculars, personalise it, and further note them down and record their findings! 

This activity is also packed nicely with all materials required (except the glue)!

first he choose and color his own binoculars! 

next, he pushed out the perforated cardboard deco 

i really love the end product. really really love!

how cool it is to have a self personalised binoculars!

Enrich – Explore More! 

Enjoy a good bonding session with your kid through additional carefully selected activities – kids will get to create their own map complete with treasure hunting fun, make their own papier mache globe, and collect interesting artefacts in coming up with their own explorer diary!

recommended ideas and activities that we can do with our children, related to the same theme. 

i created a map together with kyle and set him on a treasure hunt to find a new gift we bought for him

Award – Awesome Adventure Badge 

Upon completion of all activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with the “Awesome Adventure” badge! Time to be a little explorer! 

What i like about Lollibox:

* It provides a very good opportunity to bond with my son
* It allows my son to learn through play
* It saves me time to prepare materials and brainstorm of ideas
* It include art and crafts, science activities, imaginative play and more
* The projects are open ended and encourage curiosity, exploration and creativity

If you are a very busy working mom, you should really consider subscribing to the Lollibox monthly subscription, to commit and spent sit down together quality time with your child at least once a month. As each box comes with a different theme every month, it's a really good way to kick start learning through play with your child, as well as for you to have sit down learning activity with him. I always believe that if you would like to have an easier time teaching your child his homework when he is in Primary school, you must get him to be accustomed to you sitting down together with him first. 

If you are a stay home mom like me, this Lollibox is a good to buy occasionally, to take a break from norm! I believe the child will be surprise, just like Kyle did! There is no need to crack the brain as well as be afraid of repetitive. This is also a very good school holiday indoor activity that you can order and do together with your child! 


Unravel the secret sentence contest. To participate,

1) Head on to to receive your first piece of the secret sentence.                    
2) HOP around the list of blogs provided. 

3) SEARCH through these mum blogger's LolliBox reviews and collect all 5 pieces of the secret sentence.

4) UNSCRAMBLE them and form the secret sentence.
5) Enter your entry at and you stand to be one of the 5 winners to walk away with a LolliBox of your choice theme!  

* Winners will be selected based on answer accuracy.              
* The unraveling ends 11 April.
* Contest opens to Singapore Residents only and results will be announced on Lollibox's Facebook Page
* More Terms and Conditions can be found on the contest page. 

LolliBox was born out of the passion for hands-on fun that develops creativity and expression in every child. As parents, we understand the need to spend quality time interacting with our children and doing activities with them that stimulate their brain development and enrich their minds.The problem is that it’s tough to find time to do all the research to come up with engaging hands-on activities, let alone go to all the different stores to get all the different materials.That’s why we're so excited as we created LolliBox! All the materials and content included in a box with a theme, delivered right to your doorstep, at your convenience. For more information, head to

Disclaimer: I received a LolliBox for review purposes and no other form of compensation is received. All thoughts and opinions in post are of my own. 

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