Kailan, is that you?

When we moved into our new house in Oct last year, i chanced upon a community garden near our flat. I enquired on how we can join and left my contact to be on waiting list. To my luck and delight! We actually get a small plot to grow our own plants in late November!

Facebook is a really powerful media, i posted a picture in a group of my plants, and my Primary School classmate saw that I am doing gardening, she contacted me to offer to give me some vegetables seeds!!! How exciting is that? So from onions, aloe vera, ginger and garlic, i now evolved to growing brinjals, pumpkin, edamame soy beans, kailan, sweet melon, basil, potato, chilli and xiao bai cai!! Ok ok! I think i am a little overboard... but growing own vegetables is very very very addictive!

Sharing with you the growth of my Kai Lan:

seeds planted on 3rd Jan

after a day

my kailan newborn seedling!

after a week

Kai Lans on bottom row, still small plants


one decided to start flowering!!
which means i have MANY kailan seeds now, who wants??

and they continue to grow and blossom!

getting taller, and stronger!

OMG!! Even i am amazed when i go visit them in the mornings! THEY ARE HUGE!

I harvested them without pulling out the whole plant so that it will continue growing!

my mom fried it for dinner for us, can i say, it's yummy!

Other than harvesting the spring onions previously, this is the first time I harvested "real" or more "impressive" vegetables and in bulk some more! Can you tell how excited I am? My mom is even more proud to keep declaring to everyone that the vegetables for this dish is grown by her daughter loh!! ::D

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