Easy Recipe: Homemade Marinated Guava

Some of my friends were interested to know how i made this very nice appetiser / side dish, so i thought i will just share this super simple appetizers or side dish with you! Warning! It's so yummy, i can finish the whole tub in a day! And it can be really addictive!! 

Ingredients Required:

3 to 4 Guavas
4 packets of Orange Peel Skin, I brought mine from Sheng Shiong at $1


1) Wash, peel, de-core and sliced thinly the Guavas

2) Lay a thin layer in the bottom of a container

3) Cut or shed the Orange Peel Skin to smaller pieces and layer on top of the sliced guava

4) Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 by layering a layer of guava followed by orange peel skin until you finished the guava.

5) Cover the container, give it a little shake, and put it into the refrigerator to chill!

6) You can start serving after 6 hours. :) Can be kept for about a week but i seriously doubt it will last so long in the fridge! You may want to remove the orange peel when serving if you do not like to eat the orange peel.:)


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