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How to Make Organic Pesticides at Home

Some time back, I attended a basic gardening workshop organised by the RC (Residents' Committee) in the estate i stay. This workshop was conducted by National Parks Board and was really informative!
One of the thing i learnt from this workshop is how to make my own organic pesticide! Each bottle is 1.5 litres and you just need to pour into a spray bottle and spray onto your plants every day or every other day (for my vegetables are exposed to winds and rains, i really have to spray everyday! -_-"")
I am into my second bottle of organic pesticide now and I must say it's effective only if I continuously apply the spray to the plants.  Once I stopped for a while,  the irritating leaves eating insects came made back! But I have to make my own organic pesticide versus buying commercial ones, simply due to the fact that I want to eat the vegetables that I grow!
Sharing with you how to make our own organic pesticide at home:

Ingredients Required:
* 1.5 litres of water * 1 sm…

Are you or your child a Dumex Champion?

I feel quite honored to be invited to be an Ambassador for Dumex for their Dumex Champion campaign! As an ambassador for this campaign, my job is of course to share with you this contest and encourage you to join! :)

Were you once a Dumex kid? Are you nourishing your children with Dumex? Are you or your child in a champion moment?  Submit your photo now at you could be the winner!

Be a Dumex Champion and Win S$5000 worth of prizes including a Family Staycation for 4, shopping vouchers and exclusive Dumex Singapore hampers*! 

*Terms and Conditions apply. Contest ends on 11 May 2014. Photos of babies below 6 months will not be eligible for this contest. Excludes all types of infant formula (for infants 0 – 6 months of age)

To join and stand a chance to win, follow the steps below!
1) Click to
2) Press "Start"  3) Select "Submit Photo"
4) Follow instructions on screen to submit your p…

If Your Car got Broken into in Malaysia...

Over the long weekend that just passed, we have a road trip getaway Malacca, together with my cousin's family. So together, we went in Malaysia with two cars, four adults, two young children and two babies! 
We enjoyed the getaway over food, movies, swimming, shopping etc, except for one bad situation. On Saturday late morning, we drove out in my cousin's car, to Melaka International Trade Centre to attend their local book fair. We spent almost two hours there and were all damn happy with our loots! Only until when we returned to the car.... we were in for a shocked!
The front passenger seat window was smashed, the vehicle was ransacked and bits of the broken windows were everywhere even in the back seats. Only another car, a very very old Malaysia car, parked in front of us, suffered the same fate!
Two of the older children were in the strollers, two of the Babies were in the carriers strapped onto the Mommies. The two Daddies were holding on to a huge carton of heavy books …

Going Out with Baby: On Dirty High Chairs & Packing Baby's Food

I am sure all parents faced the same problem that I do, when we bring our little ones out for dining. Baby chairs in any restaurants, are always very dirty, sticky,  oily, and dusty.  I always take out the sanitising wet wipes and give the chair a good wipe down before putting baby in, but i still feel uncomfortable with it.

Some restaurants, especially fast food chains, have baby chairs that are dirty beyond descriptions! *Horror* To counter it, I had tried not to put baby down and carry him in my arms as I ate but as he grows bigger,  this had become a really difficult task. I tried leaving him in stroller but strollers are usually not allowed into restaurants and I may not bring the stroller out every time too.  
Happy to come across a really cool solution to this problem! I am a lucky mommy, to be able to review the MNB high chair cover, which comes in 5 very nice colors: Ocean Blue, Kiwi Green, Pepper Red, Lavender and Cappuccino.

In the April 2011 issue of Parents magazine, there…

Makeover Hair

When one is not working, what should one do?? I say do something daring!
When i was working, i need to maintain a professional image, thus i wasn't able to color my hair like this. :) 

End Results:

I actually used La Riche Directions Lagoon Blue color.. but the hair wasn't light enough, so it ended up greenish. Well.. at least there are opportunities for me to play around and experiment again a few weeks later!

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Discovering and Encouraging Your Child's 8 kinds of Multiple intelligences

Last month, a group of parents bloggers were invited to the seminar "8 kinds of Smart: Discovering and Encouraging Your Child's Multiple intelligences" presented by Dr Thomas Armstrong, as well as have an informal discussion with him over high tea at a restaurant, Table Manners. The seminar was organised by S26 and held at the SmartKids Asia

I am really thankful to be one of the bloggers to attend and I must say that the seminar is very informative and insightful! Dr. Armstrong explained to us how each child is born into this world as a natural genius. He described to us the twelve qualities of the natural genius in children, then he cited the neurological, developmental, and behavioral foundations of genius in kids. After that, he explained how the natural genius shuts down through influences in the home, the school, and the broader culture. Finally, he provided us with practical strategies that parents or educators can use to help reawaken a child's natural geni…

What is it like being a SAHM?

Since i become a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), I was asked the above mentioned question and similar ones many times. The question is so broad so I usually clarified further to ask "what you mean" and I realised that there are many mums who are very curious to know:

- what do you do all day?
- are you really coping with no help?
- do you ever feel depressed or sad that you don't get to interact anymore?
- how can one become a SAHM?
- how much does your husband gives you a month? 
I know people asked because they are curious and mothers asked because they hope to be able to stay at home too. I personally feel that my answers will not be helpful, as every household have different composition, earning power, needs, lifestyles and situation. What amount a household can survive on monthly is different to another because of our differences in priorities and willingness to sacrifice. 
So, instead of replying those questions today, I will go further by guiding you through some things…

Kailan, is that you?

When we moved into our new house in Oct last year, i chanced upon a community garden near our flat. I enquired on how we can join and left my contact to be on waiting list. To my luck and delight! We actually get a small plot to grow our own plants in late November!

Facebook is a really powerful media, i posted a picture in a group of my plants, and my Primary School classmate saw that I am doing gardening, she contacted me to offer to give me some vegetables seeds!!! How exciting is that? So from onions, aloe vera, ginger and garlic, i now evolved to growing brinjals, pumpkin, edamame soy beans, kailan, sweet melon, basil, potato, chilli and xiao bai cai!! Ok ok! I think i am a little overboard... but growing own vegetables is very very very addictive!

Sharing with you the growth of my Kai Lan: