All about Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy

Few weeks ago, our family was invited to the soft launch of Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy at iScream, a very unique hangout place for mouth watering ice cream! We met other mommy bloggers there and had a really great time. :) 

From left: Mabel from AmazinglyStill, Cherie & hubby from CherieLadie, Irene from SingaporeMomBlogs, Edlyn from MummyEd and Me & hubby

During the introduction of Lucky Baby, the most astonishing thing i learnt is that Lucky Baby is actually a homegrown Singapore brand since 1979! I didn't know that! Upon hearing, patriotic me feel so proud that we actually have our own brand of designed in Singapore baby products! More people should be aware of this!

I understand that this Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy is a 2014 improved model from previous buggy, enhanced with additional features and safety standards. 

There are two colors available for this Avenue 2 Buggy. 

This is the Blue/Brown color

This the the beige/black color

For our review purpose, we selected the Blue/Brown design which is brighter and I like how easy it's for me to spot from afar!

I placed Baby Kyne in the buggy and he fell asleep like in less than 10 minutes without me even pushing it around! I am quite amazed actually, because usually he only falls asleep when i put him in my carrier. I think this is the best proof of how comfortable the buggy is! Babies don't lie!

Since the birth of my elder boy, we have owned a total of 5 stroller/prams. It's not that we do not know how to choose a stroller, but there is no perfect stroller as well as our requirements changes along the way. If you need an Ultimate Stroller Guide, you can read this "What to consider when buying Stroller" by CherieLadie.  So, based on my past experiences, we are really pro at recognising what's a good stroller now. :)

We have been using this buggy for a month now. Let me my review on this stroller: 

1) Value for Money 

Price has always been the most important factor for me when considering a stroller, if the stroller is not within my budget, then i wouldn't be looking at it all all. Sorry, but i am just not someone to pay $500 or more on a stroller, just because of a single feature or brand that i hearted! Because, i strongly believe that every stroller will have it's pros and cons. You can never have the best of all worlds. 

I understand that the usual price for this Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy is SGD199, however it's now on a launch promotion at a super affordably price of SGD149 only! This very value for money buggy is available at OG and Metro. Read on to find out more about the features.

2) Comfortable Material and Wide Seat

This is very important. A child that is not comfortable in the stroller will not want to sit in it. Then there goes your $$! For baby Kyne, he had used 2 other different strollers since birth. For both of them, i need to carry or nurse him to sleep before putting him into the stroller. So I am impressed that he can actually falls asleep by himself in this stroller! 

Kyne can fall asleep in it rather easily. The previous two strollers i used since his birth can't do that!

I have two sons remember? The recommended age for this Lucky Baby buggy is from 6 months to 15kg. The seat is spacious enough that my elder son who is 17+kg has no problem sitting on this stroller too! 

This Avenue 2 buggy comes with 6 wheels and has front swivel wheels, which works very well for me. It's really easy to maneuver even when my big boy is sitting in it. I see great flexibility for growing babies. Both my 11 months old baby or 4+ years old boys have no problem sleeping in this buggy. I believe could also be due to the Lucky Baby Buggy's shock absorption system (yes! this buggy has a suspension system!) that gave them a smooth ride all the way. 

Brother Kyle can fit in nicely and it's still very easy to push!

3) One hand Operation

Oh! How i love love love this! I always go out with both my children alone. This is one stroller that i can operate with just one hand! From opening to closing and adjusting the recline backrest, now I am doing it with suave and can still look out for my big boy while carrying the baby in another arm. Mommy Blogger Irene actually share a video on how easy it is:

4) Stable Umbrella Stroller

image taken from Taime Pte Ltd
The buggy also folds into an umbrella that occupies a small footprint. This is really what i love as it saves storage space in my car boot. However, i wouldn't suggest taking a bus with this buggy if you are alone with your children though. It's 7.6kg frame is a bit heavy to handle going up a moving bus. But this same weight makes it really stable and unlikely to tip over even when i hang my bag and shopping bags. 

5) Sporty Design and Features

I love the sporty outlook of this Buggy. This blue/brown model is also very eye catching from afar. It's easy for me to spot hubby when he wandered off. ;p 

I can feel the thoughtfulness of the designer when designing this buggy, attention is paid to many minor areas to make it practical and yet aesthetically good looking. 

even the canopy has an arty avant garde look

How i love this mesh opening on the top of the canopy for air ventilation and checking on baby! 
Stroller comes with a front bumper bar which we can add on stroller toys for child to play

the front bumper is easily removable either on one side or both sides

the front bumper removes without a trace! once remove, you can't tell that you can add a front bumper at all!

The ergonomically designed handles bars are wrapped in a thick type of sponge material, which completes the sporty look. It also makes it comfortable to push for long distances too. Image from Taime Pte Ltd

6) Full Canopy

Usually lower priced buggy do not come with full canopy. Check out the below picture. There are 3 options for the canopy on this Lucky Baby Stroller. Though the canopy does not cover all the way down fully, but i am ok with it, as i have room to clip on a fan, especially when we are at the Universal Studios under the hot sun! Our first stroller has total full canopy which was frustrating cos it can be warm for my first born then, and it was difficult for me to clip the fan without obstructing the blades. 

7) Accessible Shopping Basket

Now, my other strollers shopping baskets are rendered totally inaccessible when in fully reclined position. However, surprisingly, i noticed there is a small gap for this Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy even when in fully recline mode. Just nice for me to put my small hand in to pull out the rain cover or even the diaper necessities, which i kept in a compact bag. The size of this shopping basket is decent, not very big but is good enough to put stuffs in. 

The buggy also comes with two pockets behind for holding items! 

I honestly feel that this Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy is a very carefully well thought-out design. It actually meets all our lifestyles needs for now and i really love its' outlook and usable features. At only SGD149 now, i wished this buggy was available in 2009 when my eldest was born, then i wouldn't have ended up buying so many strollers! 

Disclaimer: We were gifted this set of Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy for review purposes. No other compensation involved. All photos and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. 

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