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A Canon Family Bonding Time

On Friday evening, our family was invited to attend a Canon Family Bonding event at Eat Play Love Cafe!

We were given a new product launch overview of 2 new cameras on the market : PowerShot SX600 HS which can help include the photographer into the "story" when taking photos or videos of the children and spouse, and PowerShot D30, which is a very suitable first camera for children because it's shockingly shock proof and water proof!

Of course, the event is not about products information, but is a families bonding cum catch up with friends session! We had lots of fun printing out photos on the Canon Selphy CP910! It amazing watching how the photos are printed and the quality is really good. I am very tempted to buy my own photo printer too!


After hours of chatting, eating, laughing and scrapbooking, we went home with uniquely our very own photo canvas! It's now up in my study room. I really love the idea of printing photos out and preserving the memory forever.…

All about Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy

Few weeks ago, our family was invited to the soft launch of Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy at iScream, a very unique hangout place for mouth watering ice cream! We met other mommy bloggers there and had a really great time. :) 

During the introduction of Lucky Baby, the most astonishing thing i learnt is that Lucky Baby is actually a homegrown Singapore brand since 1979! I didn't know that! Upon hearing, patriotic me feel so proud that we actually have our own brand of designed in Singapore baby products! More people should be aware of this!

I understand that this Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy is a 2014 improved model from previous buggy, enhanced with additional features and safety standards. 

There are two colors available for this Avenue 2 Buggy. 

For our review purpose, we selected the Blue/Brown design which is brighter and I like how easy it's for me to spot from afar!

I placed Baby Kyne in the buggy and he fell asleep like in less than 10 minutes without me even pushing it aroun…

Why I breastfeed for 18 months

When i was pregnant with my first born Kyle, I had borrowed books from the library to learn about what to expect about the pregnancy.  There was a topic on "to breastfeed or not". My mother has never breastfeed her 3 children. None of my cousins were breastfeed too. Breastfeeding was something very new to me. When I attended the prenatal education from Thomson Medical Centre, by Mrs Wong Boh Boi, she brought up the topic about breastfeeding too.

Its sounds like breastfeeding is so highly raved, i had to pay attention to it! And so, I literally studied about it as a subject on its own! I borrowed and digested books specific to breastfeeding. I watched YouTube videos on different breastfeeding positions and how to latch on. I even made my own notes on the science of breastfeeding and what are the success factors, common issues and solutions etc. (Did i mentioned somewhere that my classmates used to call me a 小博士 before?) I also did my own extensive research and invested in a b…

What My Child Learns From His KidStartNow Classes

Today marks the 10th lessons that Kyle is attending the Kindergarten 1 Chinese Enrichment classes at KidStartNow

Before,  I had thought that language enrichment centres are very academic focus and concentrate mainly on building reading and writing skills. Thus i have never explored any, simply due to the fact that i would love my son to enjoy his childhood and not get into the stressful studies rat race too soon. In late November last year, he was invited to attend KidStartNow's Chinese Holiday Camp and became so interested in Chinese all of a sudden. Upon Kyle's own requests, we signed him up for KidStartNow's enrichment classes! I must admit, KidStartNow did what i couldn't achieve myself, that is to make learning Chinese so fun and interactive that helped my child develop the love of this language.

Throughout this 10 weeks, I had watched the class happening from the TV at the waiting area, connected to the classroom via Skype. I have made the below observations of w…

Hi! Call Me Farmer Ting!

Haha, I am starting to think that I have got green fingers!  My vegetables are growing very well and I actually harvested something today!

Sharing a photographic updates of my vegetables:

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Easy Recipe : Home Made Wasabi Cucumbers

I am a snacker (not slacker!). But snacking can be unhealthy if you binge on the wrong type of food. And so, I am sharing this healthy and refreshingly tasty crunchy side dish recipe with you! 

This is wasabi cucumber pickle! It can be an appetiser or side dish. I snack on it like tidbits while watching the news too. ;p
Ingredients required:

2 Japanese cucumber (select those that are thin and straight) 1.5 tablespoon of sugar 1 teaspoon of salt 5 to 8 cm of wasabi paste or 3 to 5 tablespoon of wasabi powder
1. Wash and dry the cucumber

2. Place your cucumber in a sealable bag, along with the sugar, salt and wasabi paste, then lightly mix. I mix by rolling the cucumbers gently on the tabletop. 

3. Remove as much air as possible before sealing and leaving to marinate in the refrigerator.

3. Leave overnight, then remove the cucumber and slice them! Enjoy! Alternatively leave to pickle for 2-3 days for even more tasty cucumbers!

Tadah!! It's just so simple! Hope you enjoy! 

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