Ways to Keep Baby Awake When You Have To

At 9 months old, I had brought Baby Kyne to KKH recently to do a DMSA scan, a follow-up procedure from his UTI episode when he was 3 months old. He was ordered for this scan cos he was very young when the UTI happened as well as Doctor wanna be sure as he turned blue during that episode. This scan will help to see if there is any kidneys scarring which indicates the cells in the kidney damaged by the bacteria. To understand more about UTI in babies, you should take a look here.

And so, I brought Baby Kyne to KKH at 10am. The nurses brought him into a room to help him insert an IV drip and then we went into another room for the Doctor to inject the radioactive isotope into him,. I was told to keep him awake for the next 2 hours before we can do the scan (2 hours is required for the isotope to travel around the bloodstream to the kidneys). The doctors and nurses have reminded me countless times to keep baby from sleeping so that hopefully he can sleep through the scan later. Else, they will have to resort to sedating him, which they try not to do it to a young baby.

As Baby Kyne had been awake since 730am and I need to keep him awake till 1230pm. It's sounds like mission impossible as he is due for his usual nap time! Not especially after the painful ordeal of getting poke not once but twice for the iv drip as they couldn't find his vein! AND to make things even more challenging, baby Kyne had to start fasting from 9am! No food, water or milk allow! 

Being a mom, I was determined to do it cos I don't want him to be sedated at all. I realised that to keep a baby awake can be more exhausting than to make baby sleep! Sharing you the ten ways i kept him awake from his usual naptime, the cranky tired Kyne who is also sore and very hungry!

1) Let him sit on his own
Yeah, I let him sat in the high chair within MacDonalds at KKH and ignored his whines.

2) Tempt him with food
Of course, I had to eat. I been rushing the whole morning sending brother to school and returning home to feed him before the fasting hour. Eating at MacDonalds is easier than eating at the foodcourt. The hungry baby was protesting angrily and i got ignored the disapproving looks.

3) Keep on talking to him
Yes, keep on talking to the baby works too. That is keep on talking with him seated on his own. 

4) Minimise walking and rocking of the baby
This is important. I noticed as his whines get softer, he is dozing off too! I stopped walking around, removed him from the baby carrier and carried him at my side with his legs hugging my body. Don't let the baby get into a comfortable position!

5) Carry him in the baby carrier and go wee wee
Lol! This works. It's like doing a challenging yoga pose. Balancing myself and baby, he is afraid of falling so he will be so awake! 

6) Give him a diaper change
Yes, plus giving him a nice wet wipe below. keke, the sleepy baby is refreshed

7) Play games with him
Oh ya, 2 hours can be very long cos i  can't go shop without him falling asleep. End up i wasn't doing anything except for playing with the baby peekaboo, touches etc

8) Show him stuffs
When he was bored with the games, i resorted to pointing anywhere and asking him to see and exclaimed "wow look! uncle is drinking his water!" "The gor gor is playing a game!"

9) Ignore his cries
Simply ignore and do not pacify!

10) Order him not to sleep!
When all else does not seems to work anymore, I simply scolded him in a stern voice "DO NOT SLEEP! NO SLEEPING!"

Well, funny as I tried to make it sounds, I really did it! When it was time for the scan, the nurse brought me to a small darkened room to try make him fall asleep, which he did within minutes and he really slept throughout the 15 minutes scan! It's really weird watching your peaceful baby goes into that big machine... i hate that feeling!

After a long wait of 2 weeks, we finally got the report! Baby Kyne is all clear from any kidney scarring! Which means no kidney cells are damaged at all! I can't described how relieved I am! I really want to thank everyone who encouraged me and also prayed with me! Thank you!

That explained why I am able to jot it down in a cheerful manner!

Do you have other ways to keep a baby from sleeping?

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