Super Quick and Simple Meal - Steamed Miso Fish

I started cooking in Oct 2013, and with a cry baby Kyne, it's not long before I realised I can only make super simple meals. Its no joke having the baby crying at my feet, clinging on my calves. I told hubby that one day i will cut my fingers while doing the cutting of ingredients. ;p 

Sharing a very quick and simple and yet appetizing dish I made recently - Steamed Miso Fish! Our family are lovers of Salmon, even my boys love it a lot. We had it many ways and recently, I was making miso soup and thought why don't I use miso paste with my Salmon? 

The first time I tried it, I applied a thick layer of Miso onto my fish and put to steam. It is very yummy but also very salty! Thereafter, I tweaked and apply only a very thin layer of miso onto the fish before steaming! Tadah! It's perfect! Miso and salmon is the best salmon I ever tasted! Plus after steaming, you will get this miso and salmon broth in the dish itself which is good for rice!

This recipe takes only 11 mins. 1 min for preparation and 10 mins to cook! 

To cook this,

1) Wash and de-bone your slice of salmon

2) Use the back of a teaspoon to scoop out a bit of miso paste and apply onto your salmon

3) Steam for 10 minutes (I used a steamer, if you steam in a pot, then you should only put in when water is boiling)

4) Serve when hot! Enjoy!

i bought this Hanamaruki brand of soybean paste (white type) from Sheng Siong at only S$6+

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