{Review + Contest} Chinese Enrichment Classes by KidStartNow

Previously Kyle has attended the Chinese Holiday Camp by KidStartNow. It was very good and Kyle himself requested for us to go back to KidStartNow again, so i let him continued with KidStartNow for the Chinese Enrichment classes provided by them!

Kyle has attended 4 lessons so far and i must say, I am a really happy mom! Just 4 lessons and I caught Kyle initiating conversations with his grandparents in mandarin! And if you speak to him in mandarin now, he will attempt to reply you back in mandarin! You can imagine the smile on my face!








All theses from a Jiak Kantang (english speaking) boy! I am impressed he picked up really fast and is speaking mandarin with confidence! I noticed he is strong in memory in remembering the story and characters covered in class. His pronunciation can be further improve, but it's really all right for someone that used to only be able to parrot in mandarin. 

Kyle is now in their Kindergarten 1 class, which will be taught once a week over 12 weeks. If you are keen, you can contact them for more information or to sign up for a free trial class. :) 

What I like about their classes: 

* I personally feel we can't avoid technology, so I like that they have a similar philosophy as me, embraced and incorporate Technology into their curriculum as positive learning
* Small class size so my child has the full attention of his teacher
* If my child miss a lesson, he can attend a make up class 
* There is a TV at the reception area connected to the classroom via Skype, which allows me to see and hear my child in class
* Every student has a 宝贝日记, a folder of what is taught in class to bring home for revision
* Free access to ebooks used in class

What i really like about the Teacher, Hong Mei

1) Kyle is showing signs of high-functioning autism and he always avoiding eye contact. I admired the teacher's patience for every lessons, i can hear her repeatedly encouraging Kyle to look into her's or his classmate's eyes when replying.

2) I also observed that whenever Kyle starts task avoiding by lying down on the floor or turn around etc (yes, my son is like that... :( ) I don't see the Teacher showing signs of impatience. She will, without fail, pull and ask him to come back.

In my opinion, the Teacher Hong Mei is a really experienced and patience Teacher. To encourage learning, a teacher must be very caring and in this sense, i am really grateful to this teacher for never giving up on any student. I have seen a fair share of quick to judge teachers. I am glad that Kyle has such a nice Chinese Teacher!

On the noticeboard is now Alex and his magical friends
New soft toys
Kyle receives a sticker after each lesson
They also do simple writing activities in class
New chinese words are introduced every week
Conversational Chinese is also introduced during class


KidStartNow is asking readers to send us their best parenting tips/stories on how they help their kids develop interest in Chinese. They will be sharing the top ten tips/stories in their blog post (with proper credits given). In addition, the reader who sends us the top tip/story will win a prize of $100! 

If you are interested, please send your entries to dan.tang@kidstartnow.com with the subject "[Parenting Tips Competition - #01] before 9th February 2014. 

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