Kyle & Kyne Shopping at FOX's Spring/Summer Collection

The Saturday that just past was a very fun day for both Kyle and Kyne! 

We had received the invitation to go to FOX Kids and Babies at City Square Mall for a private shopping preview of their new Spring/Summer collection! 


The Spring/Summer Collection for babies as well as boys and girls are all brightly coloured, so suitable to wear to symbolise a great start to the new horse year during the Chinese New Year! 

Whoever says that Boys clothing are all the same and it's a no brainer when come to choosing their clothes are WRONG! I had buy so many clothing for my boys, I think God is helping me by not giving me a daughter! We are also spoilt for choices at Fox! 

I managed to to choose this matching formal wear for the brothers to wear on Chinese New Year Day 1! 

Photo Credits: Canon Singapore

Photo Credits: Canon Singapore

And for the Day 2 of Chinese New Year, they can wear something more casual like this!

Photo Credits: Canon Singapore

Photo Credits: Canon Singapore

Another thing that is worth to mention, I like the comfortable cuttings and material of their clothing! They are great for Chinese New Year visitings, especially when during Chinese New Year, the weather tend to be HOT! I had my fair share of buying "unrealistically nice" clothes for my boys last time! End up the then baby Kyle was sweating like mad and developed heat rashes so badly. 

The cutting of their clothes are slightly bigger (or my boys too small? haha) so it's very comfortable to wear as well as, bigger can wear longer! Save some $$! 

Also, ahem, I realised that Kyle is quite vain,  already he is expressing his own opinions.... but boy, he looks dashing to me.  A natural model. Hahaha! See! He thinks he looks very handsome in this wear and is parading away! 

Sharing some other behind the scene photos, you can guessed it's not easy to take a good shot of the brothers. They are hilarious! 

waiting for our turn for photo taking

funny 1

look at the lil brother!

lil brother: help!!! 

Photo Credit: Fox Fashion SG

We had a funny family shot too!

Photo Credits: Canon Singapore

{Contest Time}

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Disclaimer: We were invited to an exclusive preview of the Fox's Spring/Summer collection. My boys received 2 sets each of the clothing used for the photo taking. No other compensation is involved. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. 

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