Wednesday, January 08, 2014

B is for Bear

Some time back, we had a Letter B day.

We learnt that B is for Bubbles and so we were experimenting how to make our own bubbles solution by mixing the different types of detergent in the house. We also took out his paint and tried adding and mixing colours into the bubbles solution!

Well, of cos we don't stop there! B is also for Bear! We made a bear mask together!

so focus now

i noticed his fine motor skills improved greatly

tah tah! I am surprised he actually wore the mask!

We always ended up freewill painting. I really noticed that Kyle extremely dabbing with paint very much! Well, i am more than happy to sit there quietly to observe him at work!

lol, he is drawing a birthday cake

and.. this is the transformer bumblebee figurine on top of the cake (ROFL!!)
((of cos with my help!))
AND.. the 2 blues lines below the cake, he said is mommy's hands holding his cake!!

well, he started writing letter O, I etc

that's letter L!

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