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Ways to Keep Baby Awake When You Have To

At 9 months old, I had brought Baby Kyne to KKH recently to do a DMSA scan, a follow-up procedure from his UTI episode when he was 3 months old. He was ordered for this scan cos he was very young when the UTI happened as well as Doctor wanna be sure as he turned blue during that episode. This scan will help to see if there is any kidneys scarring which indicates the cells in the kidney damaged by the bacteria. To understand more about UTI in babies, you should take a look here.

And so, I brought Baby Kyne to KKH at 10am. The nurses brought him into a room to help him insert an IV drip and then we went into another room for the Doctor to inject the radioactive isotope into him,. I was told to keep him awake for the next 2 hours before we can do the scan (2 hours is required for the isotope to travel around the bloodstream to the kidneys). The doctors and nurses have reminded me countless times to keep baby from sleeping so that hopefully he can sleep through the scan later. Else, they…

{Review + Contest} Chinese Enrichment Classes by KidStartNow

Previously Kyle has attended the Chinese Holiday Camp by KidStartNow. It was very good and Kyle himself requested for us to go back to KidStartNow again, so i let him continued with KidStartNow for the Chinese Enrichment classes provided by them!

Kyle has attended 4 lessons so far and i must say, I am a really happy mom! Just 4 lessons and I caught Kyle initiating conversations with his grandparents in mandarin! And if you speak to him in mandarin now, he will attempt to reply you back in mandarin! You can imagine the smile on my face!






All theses from a Jiak Kantang (english speaking) boy! I am impressed he picked up really fast and is speaking mandarin with confidence! I noticed he is strong in memory in remembering the story and characters covered in class. His pronunciation can be further improve, but it's really all right for someone that used to only be able to parrot in mandarin. 
Kyle …

Super Quick and Simple Meal - Steamed Miso Fish

I started cooking in Oct 2013, and with a cry baby Kyne, it's not long before I realised I can only make super simple meals. Its no joke having the baby crying at my feet, clinging on my calves. I told hubby that one day i will cut my fingers while doing the cutting of ingredients. ;p 
Sharing a very quick and simple and yet appetizing dish I made recently - Steamed Miso Fish! Our family are lovers of Salmon, even my boys love it a lot. We had it many ways and recently, I was making miso soup and thought why don't I use miso paste with my Salmon? 
The first time I tried it, I applied a thick layer of Miso onto my fish and put to steam. It is very yummy but also very salty! Thereafter, I tweaked and apply only a very thin layer of miso onto the fish before steaming! Tadah! It's perfect! Miso and salmon is the best salmon I ever tasted! Plus after steaming, you will get this miso and salmon broth in the dish itself which is good for rice!
This recipe takes only 11 mins. 1 min f…

Beginning to Write: Developing Motor Skills and Gripping the Pencil

Last year, around June 2013, I was still a very lost mama. The teacher of the then 3.5 years old Kyle in nursery, asked me to bring him for a check-up for "learning disabilities".  I believe any parent will be stunned to hear something like that. Other than him not knowing his alphabets, the other complaint was of him not knowing how to hold a pencil and not knowing how to write at all.

Since he was born, he had been to infant care and child care while i continued to work. I assumed the child care centre will help teach my child and thus i spent my free time to do more quality bonding with the child. For learning, yes I bought the triangular jumbo pencils and crayons. I bought books. In some evenings after work, I held his hand to write together. Every Saturday, I bring my son to Shichida for lessons too! I tried to do the daily Shichida worksheets with him so after i quit my job to be a Stay Home Mom, I was in for a shocked.

I didn't know it will be this tough that I wi…

Kyle & Kyne Shopping at FOX's Spring/Summer Collection

The Saturday that just past was a very fun day for both Kyle and Kyne! 

We had received the invitation to go to FOX Kids and Babies at City Square Mall for a private shopping preview of their new Spring/Summer collection! 

The Spring/Summer Collection for babies as well as boys and girls are all brightly coloured, so suitable to wear to symbolise a great start to the new horse year during the Chinese New Year! 
Whoever says that Boys clothing are all the same and it's a no brainer when come to choosing their clothes are WRONG! I had buy so many clothing for my boys, I think God is helping me by not giving me a daughter! We are also spoilt for choices at Fox! 

I managed to to choose this matching formal wear for the brothers to wear on Chinese New Year Day 1! 

And for the Day 2 of Chinese New Year, they can wear something more casual like this!
Another thing that is worth to mention, I like the comfortable cuttings and material of their clothing! They are great for Chinese New Yea…

Matching Family Clothings Just in Time for Chinese New Year!

Since the arrival of my #1 boy, I had always wanted to wear the same as him! I am that kinda mommy that loves to match the clothes of my boys as well as match my clothes with him! 
For his first birthday party, I bought our first pair of matching tees - an elmo t-shirt!  

And of course, it doesn't stopped there! As he grows, along the years i bought more and more matching T-shirts with my boy! We also have exactly the same T-shirts of Superman design and matching Disney Mickey Mouse T-shirts too! 

Have you noticed anything yet? Our matching clothings are always t-shirts which i don't really like actually.... .... .... :( 
I have always envy my mommy friends with daughters! They get to wear very very nice mother and daughter clothings like blouses or dresses! Every time i see a retailer selling mother & daughter clothing sets, I will without fail, email them to enquire if they cater for mother and sons as well! But so sad, for 4 years plus, i have not found any... Hello, t…