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I always tell people i am very busy. By busy, i meant really very busy. Then i got asked what am i so busy with... hmm.. i really accomplished a lot tasks in a day and every day of my life now. But if you asked me to tell you what exactly i do, i think i am not able to afford the time to list down for you. ;p (nah, it's not my priority to list down what i do, but it's my priority to get things done!) 

I had so many drafts post in my blogger and i just took a look and realised... hohoho. I am indeed busy! Looking after 2 boys and the home is not enough. I took on projects like.... gardening too! Ambitious mom indeed! But i really enjoy my life now! 

When i first moved into our new home 2 months ago, i saw a small plot of area of condoned off for gardening. I thought it will be a good bonding activity for my four year old Kyle to grow plants together! I spoke to one of the aunty there and was placed on a wait list. One month later, we really got a small plot of our own to grow whatever we like!

This was initially a draft announcing that we have a small clean plot to grow on! But now, haha, i can show you what i have planted and even how it had grown! I am motivated to grow more challenging plants. Do you have any suggestions? 

we were allocated the left half of this small plot!

The first thing i grew were aloe vera!



Spring Onion!

Garlic, which became rotten cos of the rain and turn into fertilizer instead

Kyle at our plot. Keke, can u see my onions sprouting?

kyle helps me water the plants

And this is recent photos to show the growth of our plants!

the onions have become spring onions!

my gingers!

another ginger plant!

Another ginger shoot coming out!

i think ginger is easy to grow, look! another shoot!

my aloe vera plants are getting drowned by the frequent rains

garlic! but sad to say, in the end these garlic plants all turned rotten due to the rains


gardening is interesting! we even meet interesting insects! Look an Ant with crab like crawls! 

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  1. So cool you managed to grow so many things. Plus it's a great bonding activity with the kids. Can't wait to see more of what comes out from your garden!

    1. Thank you Beverly! Ya! It's really quite fun! My son is able to name the plants mommy grew and tell to anyone that ask! Waiting to harvest!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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