Science at Home: Pocket Volcano Eruption

As part of our home science experiments, one of an activity that is very easy and fast to set up with will the "Volcano Eruption"! We had fun, Kyle kept asking me to repeat the same experiment again and again during his bath time! 

Items required:
* Baking Soda / Baking Powder
* Vinegar
* A small container 

Note: I am a sucker, I am not keen in just a small container, so i bought this mini volcano from the Science Centre at SGD6.90! I wanna it to be more cool ma! 

Volcano Chamber bought from Science Centre Curiousity shop


1) Pour some baking soda into the container or in my case, a volcano chamber (by itself already sounds so cool right? ;p)
the inner chamber of the volcano

2) Then add in the vinegar and watch it fizz or erupt! 

I do it during bath time so i won't have to clean any mess. I am lazy. :/

are you ready??

pour the vinegar into the volcano now

the frizz is coming out!

volcano eruption!

Well there is another two versions. 

It can be a glass volcano if you add baking soda into the volcano chamber and place it into a glass of water. It will look like an underwater volcano smoking in the deep ocean!


It can be a bath volcano too! Just crush a bath fizzer into small pieces and put them into the volcano chamber. Watch the volcano erupt int the bath tub and afterwards can enjoy a "volcanic eruption" bath!

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  1. Put a little detergent to 'have' the bubble effect;). We just had this these few weeks, with colouring and recycled a medicine bottle (clear visual to see the effect of 'coming up') hehe, I'm cheapo.

    1. Haha pc. I am the sucker :p!! . this experiment is good! I use it as a bait to get my son to do chores or listen to me! :p


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