My first gift from my son

Some time back, when I went to school to bring the just turned 4 years old Kyle home.  The teacher was telling me that they had inserted two letters informing Parents-Teachers Conference and K1 orientation into the Communication Book.

Kyle interrupted and said "Leaf too!"

What about leaf?

Turned out that when they went to the playground for outdoor play, Kyle had picked up a very special leaf and showed to his teacher. He told the teacher that he wants to give this special leaf to his mommy as a surprise!!! It was very important to him to give it to me!

But i went home and we couldn't find the leave anywhere in the bag. Kyle was very sad and he wanted to go back to school to look for it immediately. :(

Even though i didn't see the leaf, the thought itself has sparkled a happiness, sweetness and even a tiny weeny bit of sadness I am feeling within me... My baby found something really special to him and he wants to give it to me! This is as memorable and important to me as the 1st time he sang me a birthday song on the morning of my birthday when he was 2.5 years old!

Kyle, I love you because you are you. So precious and real.

Few days later, when he had outdoor day again, the teacher informed me to look into his school bag again. This time, he had the teachers helped him place it very carefully into his bag.

It is indeed a very very special leave!!

And what makes it more special and precious was the thought from this sweet little boy of mine! I will always remember that he once had me in his mind! And i was this important to him! The daddy don't get a present yet ok! ;p

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