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Thank you 2013

Dear 2013,

It's the last day of 2013 today, before you slipped away and never return, I would like to remember and thank you for :

1) Giving me one exact full year that I do not need to work and is able to be with my children 24 by 7. I had thought that without money I will be so insecure, but now I know, without my family and children, I am nothing. 
2) Letting me see how my Hubby has been extremely supporting and loving. I really love it when he is not traveling for work, he comes home for the dinner I cook despite it being not tasty. He also helps out on weekdays after work, either by bathing the children or washing the dishes. Most importantly, he endured my nonsense and stood by me. 
3) Bringing me back to stay at my parents place for 6 months. I see how much my parents aged and yet their love for me has never change despite me already been a mom of two. Their love for me is forever. But they are really getting older and older. I am ashamed I am not providing much for them now. 

My accomplishments in 2013

In 2013, I have really went through a lot and also accomplished many things! Some of them which are worth mentioning that I really want to give myself a pat on my back are as followed:

1) This is a year which my hair cutting skills improved tremendously! In fact I am very pleased with the both time I cut Kyle's hair myself!

2) I forcedcoerced convinced Hubby to join me for a Maternity Photoshoot cos i won't know if i will wanna be pregnant the 3rd time again! I really regretted that during my first pregnancy when i was younger and more energetic I didn't persisted taking Maternity Photos! 

3) And of cos, the day I gave birth to my second prince, Baby Kyne, his day of arrival is really dramatic! But I made it and am very glad to hold him in my arms!

4) I also booked and paid for a newborn photography package from my own saving and brought Baby Kyne for a newborn photoshoot which my elder boy didn't have. I feel they grow up too fast, the newborn period is one i really w…

{Review} Chinese Holiday Camp by KidStartNow

It's been almost one month since Kyle attended the Chinese Holiday Camp by KidStartNow.
Till today, Kyle will still tell me:
And he actually requested a few times already, asking me to bring him to KidStartNow again!
Kyle has low attention span and is hyperactive!  This was his first holiday camp and I was initially worried whether he can cope (i mean sit still and not be thrown out of class, haha) for the 4 days camp. Also, he had always shown stubborn preference to speak in English and i seldom hear him speak in Mandarin at all. 
But the Chinese holiday camp changed him. I am impressed.  I will be sharing what i observed from the 4 days camp and also Kyle's reactions till now: 
1.  The Teacher
I understand that Teacher Hong Mei is a MOE Accredited Native Mandarin Speaker. She is a very patient teacher, even towards the hyperactive and easily distracted Kyle. She spent time on every individual student to encourage t…

Letter A again

Exactly one year ago, I did Letter A with Kyle. It was more boring and he was also still like a baby boy.

Now recently, i am restarting the whole alphabet teaching with Kyle again. Not because he doesn't know his alphabets, but because i had attended the "Phonics Training Course For Mummies" and during the course, we were provided with home learning materials which will be so wasted if I do not use them!

With the lesson plans and materials, I decided to do home learning with Kyle again to bond with him as well as help train him to sit down longer.

A is for ANTS! 

And of course, I strayed. I saw that he was concentrating and in a good mood. So i tested my luck to try ask him to practise some handwriting! I made the below chart one year ago! It's drawn by yours truly and laminated with Love. We can use this to do counting, at the same time, we can also use whiteboard markers to write on it! 

Kyle also seems to love painting a lot. Before i could ask him what he would l…

{Miracule's Christmas Giveaway 2}

I love Decembers, from since i was a child till now, I love December a lot!! The air just feels so different! Festive oh festive!
After i become a SAHM, i seldom shop and spurge on myself. But this is December!! How can i resist especially when i saw so many cute and pretty things? And so... 

I bought a lot! 

In sharing the festive joy, I am having a weekly giveaway till Christmas and so, here is my 2nd giveaway! I bought this extra set for giveaway! Hope you like it as much as i do!