What's up this year end school holidays for my 4 years old

This year end school holiday is once again something new for us! For we are now staying on our own in our very own house! Hee, i can do more home activities with Kyle since we got our own place and materials easily!

Some ideas that i am going to do with my children will be:
This is not a box

a) Cardboard Crafts 

I have kept so many boxes during the moving, why waste them by throwing away! Though i have zero experience in this area but Princess and The Rock gave me inspirations!

b) A to Z Home Lessons with many activities

Since i have attended the Phonics training course with Jann and received many home teaching materials and ideas, it will be stupid and a waste if i do not try it! And so, i will attempt to cover the A to Z home lesson plans with Kyle. It's not easy as he is hyperactive and wouldn't sit still at all. Teaching him makes my blood boil, BUT i will try!

c) Home Science Experiments

I bought this so cool book so i am a science fanatic myself when growing up. I am going to attempt 2 experiments with Kyle once a week! Oh, look out! I will try to post up about the experiments we do. :)

My Focus with Kyle this year end holiday will be to help him:

* Spell and Write his own name
* Recognise Numbers 1-100
* Count and add
* Cultivate interest in Chinese Language
* Be Toilet Trained

Below is what i have planned out to enjoy with Kyle this holiday!

1) Bollywood Veggies (checked)

A ten acre farm located at 100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026 (Kranji), we have been to the farm before twice. The first time we went the weather was no good and we had lunch there. Boy, I was hooked on the lunch at Poison Ivy's! The 2nd time we went, we covered the whole farm in a hot sunny day and saw so many different types of fruit trees bearing fruits like durians, jackfruit, rambutan, papaya and many different types of bananas. Try to check the weather forecast before going, as the third time we went recently the rain changed from drizzle to downpour rather quickly and most of the trees were not bearing fruits. I think if you are visiting the farms in the vicinity, it's worthwhile to come over to poison Ivy's to try their lunch!

You can find images of our visit in 2012 here!

2) River Safari (checked)

I had thought i must bring my children to the latest animal park and thus we went to the River Safari last week. Tickets were still at S$25 per adult but sad to say, I find the park rather overpriced. There are no animal shows and most of the enclosures only have that one pathetic animal each. I think the only highlight is seeing Kai Kai whom was eating and pooing. Jia Jia is really shy hiding inside her hideout and all we can see of her is from the rather pathetic CCTV. If you asked me, my honest opinion is to not waste money and time to go. We completed the park at only slightly more than 1 hour, keeping in mind  that part of the park (the boat ride) is not ready yet. But I looked through and it's nothing impressive leh. The safari in Bali are much more impressive. I think i was expecting the outing to be more exciting and interesting. We don't see any animal shows or feedings too. 


3) Changi Airport (checked)

The Singapore Airport must be the most family friendly airport in the world. We can always go to the airport and there is no shortage of activities for the little ones and adults. Planes watching, plenty of restaurants, retail shops, playgrounds and zipping from terminal to terminal via the airport transit.. It's just too much fun! Hee, Kyle's school had brought them to the Changi Airport to see the Kinetic Rain before the mad woman saga and I had brought him there again myself cos I wanna see the kinetic rain, which happened to be the day it was repaired and restored. I must say it's really therapeutic to watch! And oh, we took bus to the airport and back cos bus rides are very fun for Kyle too! 

4) Fire Station Visit (checked)

Every Saturdays, every fire station is open to public from 9 to 11am. We went to the nearest fire station in our town and I must say it's an eye opener! I think four years old and above is a good age to bring as they are very curious and ask many question. Now, whenever Kyle hears the siren of the ambulance or fire engine, he will tell me that there is an emergency going on and the firemen are going over to help. He is suddenly very into The Fireman Sam cartoons too!

5) Mat YoYo Recording (checked)

I brought Kyle with me to the Mediacorp for him to be one of the audiences in the Mat YoYo english recording that is to be broadcast next year 2nd quarter! I didn't know beforehand that only the children can enter the studio while parents wait outside, I was worried for Kyle since he takes a long while to warm up. Finally he entered the studio to join the other children only after slightly more than an hour! Boy i was a happy mom to find my boy being independent and able to join activities without mommy. He had fun cos he came home and kept on telling us about Mat Yoyo the cat. I think this is an experience for the children, to view live how a TV Programme is being recorded and be part of it! The staffs were really good at engaging the little children too! I know many parents are keen too, so if i came across these children's programme recording invitation, i will share with ya all too ok? 

6) Chinese Holiday Camp by KidStartNow

I personally think that rather than having the child idling away and the parent cracking the brain on what to do with the children during school holidays, going for special interests holiday camps is a good method! You should take it as an opportunity to expose the child to new things such as Art, Music, Sports etc.

In our case, it's Chinese as i have done absolutely nothing for Kyle for the Chinese Language yet. We are also guilty of not speaking to him in mandarin. If you missed it, i have blogged about a chinese holiday camp for young children. If you are keen, you can still quickly sign up now before 30 Nov 2013 for the 30% early bird discount. Do note that they have limited slots left for many of their classes.

See! They were so detailed and sweet to send a mail to our house one week prior to class to remind us of the holiday camp! It's has a personal touch and my child is excited to receive a mail of his own too! 

7) Thomas & Friends Live Show + Meet & Greet at City Square Mall

I always believe that we should always engage in activities where both the children and parents can enjoy! This festive season, what's better than to shop and yet the children can still be entertained!? Many shopping centres have upcoming interesting programs and one of them is the City Square Mall. We are going there to do some X'mas shopping and let Kyle meet Thomas & Friends! They also host an outdoor Christmas Carnival, Festive Light Show and Snowy playtime for children! Oh the Christmas spirit is everywhere now! Hohoho!

8) Science Centre (Ongoing)

As we are still the science centre member, of cos this holiday i will bring Kyle there to enjoy the science exhibits! Since Kyle is into dinosaurs toys already, I am going to bring him to see the "Titans of the past" to introduce him to more indepth about the dinosaurs. It's not every time you get to see real fossils of dinosaurs right in front of you. So, here i will be bringing him! If you are keen to join me, please drop me a message ok? I can buy the tickets at discounted prices. :) 

Other places that i will be bringing my children this school holidays when the weather permits will be:

i) Singapore Botanic Gardens
ii) Air Force Museum
iii) Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve
iv) Kranji Reservoir Park
v) Catch a Movie!!

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