Tasty homemade bah kut prawn mee soup

Last Thursday I had cooked prawns mee at home and it turned out to be a success! This recipe was learnt from my in law's helper, whom had worked for them for 23 years now!

I had promised to share the easy peasy yummy recipe, and so here it is!

The most important ingredient in this dish is of course the prawns! Note that to make tasty prawn soup, you will need many, I stress again, MANY prawn heads. 

What I do is, since I moved into our very own home and started cooking, I began to store and keep prawn heads from the prawns that I used to cook, frozen in freezer. Me and hubby are prawn lovers so I manage to have a box filled in 1.5 months. (A bit bo liao, while cooking, I actually counted. I used a total of 72 prawn heads to cook the soup! ;p sounds really unhealthy but it's ok to eat once in a while and better still, it's home cooked so you know you are not using rotten prawn heads).

The below soup is for approximately 8 servings. I prepared it for lunch and dinner. 

Ingredients for soup 
A box of frozen prawn heads
1 big piece of old ginger
16 cloves of garlic
Packet Bah Kut Teh Spices 
Soft pork bones
Dark soya sauce

Other ingredients
For theses ingredients, you can start preparing on day 2 morning as you wait for the soup to boil. 

Bean spout - remove top and bottom
Kang Kong - wash and pluck
Fish cakes - slice and fry
Middle size fresh prawns - remove shells and intestines (black line on the back)
Hokkien Mee or thick bee Hoon 
Fried onions - I bought ready ones
Red chilli - cut

How to cook
The night before, remove the prawn heads from the fresh prawns you bought. Defrost the prawn heads you kept in the freezer, trim away the whiskers. Boil 1 liter water. Add in the prawn heads and old ginger. Simmer under low heat for a hour with lid slightly open. Close fire and leave the soup in pot overnight.

Next morning, wash the pork. Boil 1 liter water.  Add in packet bah kut teh spices (note NOT to buy the clear soup type which is more spicy cos it has high pepper content) and pork. Simmer under low heat for 30 mins.  

Add in 8 cloves of garlic with skin intact but crushed. Simmer under low heat for another 30 mins and turn off fire. 

Reboil the prawn heads soup from the day before. Remove and discard the prawn heads. Slowly mix the two soup together into one pot. 

Chop the remaining 8 cloves of garlic finely and fry it in little bit of oil till golden brown. Add in 3 to 5 teaspoons of sugar and stir. Add this mixture into the soup and stir. Add dark soya sauce into the soup until your desired taste and color achieved. In my case, I added about 5 tablespoons. ;p

Tadah!! Your prawn mee soup is already ready! You can test the taste to see if you wanna add more sugar. 

Warning. At this point in time you will be quite famished already and the soup smells really heavenly!

Next, Quickly (cos very hungry) fry the fish cake. 

Ok! Now you are ready for the first bowl of prawn mee! Bring a pot of water to boil, lower it's heat and blanch a person's desired portion of yellow hokkien mee or thick bee hoon. Follow by blanching some bean spout, kang kong and prawns. 

Now, tadah!! Add in cut chilli and fried onions if desired. Ready to serve so yummy!

My 4 year old elder son is not keen in prawns, so I separately boil macaroni and broccoli for him with a little bit of the prawn soup. He savoured everything to even the last drop of the soup. 

Writing this makes me very hungry, though I promised myself that I won't cook this more than 3 times a year cos no matter how simple, there is still too much work and washing to do... I am so gonna save up on prawn heads again! 

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