{Review} Turn back clock with Mary Kay TimeWise Plus Regena Firm

If there is one thing about childbirth that i really hated, i think it has to be premature aging.. All the late nights and sleep deprived days caused so many fine lines around the eyes... But then again, i saw some of my friends whom are still single now... I have to admit, we are not longer young and can no longer take youth for granted! Aging starts in the early twenties so i regret i didn't take care better! 

Especially after going through the 2nd child birth 6 months ago, with a young baby, i really have very little time for myself. To a point i don't even comb my hair. I just tied it up immediately when it's dried! Nevertheless, i really NEEDED and wanted to look for something to mend my tired droopy eyes as well as my puffy bread face.  I wanna look and feel good again! 

I really HATE to show this, but Look! I am...

Before using Mary Kay TimeWise Plus Regena Firm products

Somehow, after i started blogging regularly, i realised that my wishes tend to come true. It's like maybe God is reading my blog and knows what's bothering me! 

An angel goes by the name of Florinda, had asked for mommies to try out the latest range of Mary Kay's products - Mary Kay TimeWise®Plus+ Regena-Firm™ skin care range! This range promised to "Restore what was lost. And lift away the years." Boy! I was glad i hopped onto the wagon on time! I received not one but a set of products under this range for trying. 

The products were very nicely delivered to my door step! Thank you Mary Kay Singapore! 

The skin care regime with Mary Kay TimeWise® Plus+ Regena-Firm™ is very simple and suitable for a busy mom!

Day: Cleanser -> Intensive Serum -> Day Treatment -> Correcting Eye Cream

Night: Cleanser -> Intensive Serum -> Night Treatment -> Correcting Eye Cream

TimeWise® Plus+ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum

Now, this is my most favorite Mary Kay product so far! This serum is highly absorbent with absolutely zero greasy feel! I cannot take the oily feeling of more facial products as my skin is already oily skin to begin with! I love applying this serum!

The effect can be seen (and felt) after around one week plus of usage. I can visibly see my face V-shaped and can really feel the tightening effect of this serum!

* Helps the jawline area appear lifted
* Helps define and perfect facial contours
* Firms and tightens sagging skin
* Helps reverse loss of cushion
* Provides lifting that lasts throughout the day
* Immediately double skin hydration

TimeWise® Plus+ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream

I love the packaging of this eye cream. It comes with a unique applicator tip that serves to massage and cool the eye area as I apply the cream to my eyes. I think my lines are still obvious due to the constant waking at night to tend to the baby (can be almost hourly on bad days! sobz!) but what impressed me was that my eyes appeared to be lifted and brightened! The dark eye bags were almost eliminated! Woah.. I love how it works and is applying it religiously. 

* Helps eye area look more lifted
* Helps reduce puffiness
* Minimises appearance of deep lines
* Minimises dark circles
* Firms sagging skin around eyes
* Provide moisturization for 12 hours

TimeWise® Plus+ Regena-Firm™ Day Treatment with SPF 30/PA++

I love that it's an all in one - moisturiser, sun block, anti-aging cream! The cream feels luxurious on the skin, yet not too rich or heavy! It absorbed well into the skin with no greasy feeling! After application, i can even don't wash my hands, which is quite unlike many other creams i have used before. No oily feel! :) A very obvious effect of using this Day Treatment cream is that my skin tone appears more even and there is a bouncing feeling on my skin! Woohoo! 

* Replenishes essential moisture
* Firms sagging skin
* Youthful volume is renewed
* Skin appears visibly lifted
* Helps protect against UVA/UVB damage
* Provides lasting moisture


The product packaging is really ingenious! To use, just need to press on the top lid with two fingers to release an amount you required, this way the cream are kept fresh in the packaging, without any risk of contamination. 

TimeWise® Plus+ Regena-Firm™ Night Treatment

I had used Retin A treatment before for blemishes and skin renewing and is excited to know that this cream contains encapsulated retinol! It also shares the same clever packaging as the Day Treatment! 

You know I complained about having not enough time and sleep? But i set aside time for applying all theses now after seeing the results on my face! I love how i wake up every morning to see this glow in my face after applying the night treatment! Skin is definitely firmer and feels more youthful! 

* Helps improve advanced signs of aging
* Softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles
* Helps firm skin
* Improves skin's youthful cushion
* Reveals radiant looking skin
* Provides long lasting moisture

Mary Kay's True Dimension Lipstick

This lipstick is not from the TimeWise Plus Regena Firm Range, but Mary Kay had been very generous to throw in this gift for us! What i want to mention about this lipstick is two things

1) I am allergic to a lot of lip gloss, balm and sticks. Instead of doing what the label says to moisturise, i often ended up with very bad peeling and bleeding lips so i was wary when i tested this lipstick. I think I have found the 2nd lip product that i can ever use, which the 1st was the Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex with no colouring and this! This is better though as it provide a nice tint of youthful colour! 

2) This is a very "James Bond" lipstick!! Pass it to anyone and people won't know how to open it for application! I love this packaging as I can just throw it into the Diaper bag and bring it out with me and yet not be afraid of the cover coming loose by itself and ruin the contents in the bag... neither am i afraid of my children grabbing it in their hands too! ;p

Ain't this colour really very nice? 

To share the effects of the products, this is me, after 3 weeks of using them! 
Haha, I am really a satisfied tester and Mary Kay's convert! I have found gold!!

3 weeks after using the product

Before using Mary Kay TimeWise Plus Regena Firm products

More information

Mary Kay TimeWise+ Series
Give skin a second chance to act like it did when it was younger.
Introducing Mary Kay New TimeWise Plus Regena-Firm Serum and Eye Cream
Sophisticated biotechnology. Unprecedented innovation.

With the power of plant stem cells and other advanced ingredients, TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™skin care is the latest scientifically innovative skin care from Mary Kay, developed to minimize advanced signs of aging and help skin recapture its youthfulness. As the result of years of extensive investigation into the science of how and why skin ages, a team of scientists at the Mary Kay Research Center identified a complex of ingredients designed to help renew skin’s youthful appearance and help bring back its resilience and vibrancy.
At the heart of the TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ is the Regena-Firm™ Complex, a perfect union of three ingredients so vital to skin recovery it’s in every product.

The Regena-Firm™ Complex contains:
  1. Plant Stem Cells that help protect the integrity of the skin matrix, the source of skin firmnesst.
  2. Tripeptide-1, biomimetic peptide that helps support processes critical for skin repairt.
  3. Hyaluronic acid boosterst  that help provide youthful skin volume and lift.
tBased on invitro testing of key ingredients.

NEW TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ is perfect for women

1) With skin that is experiencing advanced signs of aging
2) Looking for premium skin care that gives skin a second chance to act like it did when it was younger.
3) Seeking to be among the first to experience the latest Mary Kay skin care and whose skin can benefit from TimeWise® Plus+™

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of  Mary Kay TimeWise®Plus+ Regena-Firm™ skincare products for review purpose. No monetary compensation. All opinions are mine.

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