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Tasty homemade bah kut prawn mee soup

Last Thursday I had cooked prawns mee at home and it turned out to be a success! This recipe was learnt from my in law's helper, whom had worked for them for 23 years now!
I had promised to share the easy peasy yummy recipe, and so here it is!
The most important ingredient in this dish is of course the prawns! Note that to make tasty prawn soup, you will need many, I stress again, MANY prawn heads. 
What I do is, since I moved into our very own home and started cooking, I began to store and keep prawn heads from the prawns that I used to cook, frozen in freezer. Me and hubby are prawn lovers so I manage to have a box filled in 1.5 months. (A bit bo liao, while cooking, I actually counted. I used a total of 72 prawn heads to cook the soup! ;p sounds really unhealthy but it's ok to eat once in a while and better still, it's home cooked so you know you are not using rotten prawn heads).
The below soup is for approximately 8 servings. I prepared it for lunch and dinner. 

What's up this year end school holidays for my 4 years old

This year end school holiday is once again something new for us! For we are now staying on our own in our very own house! Hee, i can do more home activities with Kyle since we got our own place and materials easily!

Some ideas that i am going to do with my children will be:

a) Cardboard Crafts 

I have kept so many boxes during the moving, why waste them by throwing away! Though i have zero experience in this area but Princess and The Rock gave me inspirations!

b) A to Z Home Lessons with many activities

Since i have attended the Phonics training course with Jann and received many home teaching materials and ideas, it will be stupid and a waste if i do not try it! And so, i will attempt to cover the A to Z home lesson plans with Kyle. It's not easy as he is hyperactive and wouldn't sit still at all. Teaching him makes my blood boil, BUT i will try!

c) Home Science Experiments

I bought this so cool book so i am a science fanatic myself when growing up. I am going to attempt 2 exper…

My best dish! 我的拿手好菜!

This is very embarrassing! But if you must ask me what is it that I cook best, I guess it had to be Macaroni Soup!

After all, I never cook my whole life! When I was young,  I am like the scholar of the family. My parents dote on me so much and always chase me out of the kitchen because they thought that the kitchen is too hard work for my scholar hands. Rofl! They never accepted my help since I achieved top places in my classes since primary three!  
I only started real cooking when I was 27 years old and it's only for weaning Kyle last time. As he is my first born, naturally I will want and do the best for him. I have cooked many different meals for him but macaroni soup is his favorite. Hey hey! I have a fanatic fan for this dish ok. He loves it so much that he will savour everything to the last drop of soup. Kyle eats all the vegetables I cooked for him in this soup.  I don't know if it is the bright colours that helps.  :)
So I am sharing the SUPER SIMPLE recipe today! Y…

{Review} Turn back clock with Mary Kay TimeWise Plus Regena Firm

If there is one thing about childbirth that i really hated, i think it has to be premature aging.. All the late nights and sleep deprived days caused so many fine lines around the eyes... But then again, i saw some of my friends whom are still single now... I have to admit, we are not longer young and can no longer take youth for granted! Aging starts in the early twenties so i regret i didn't take care better! 
Especially after going through the 2nd child birth 6 months ago, with a young baby, i really have very little time for myself. To a point i don't even comb my hair. I just tied it up immediately when it's dried! Nevertheless, i really NEEDED and wanted to look for something to mend my tired droopy eyes as well as my puffy bread face.  I wanna look and feel good again! 
I really HATE to show this, but Look! I am...

Somehow, after i started blogging regularly, i realised that my wishes tend to come true. It's like maybe God is reading my blog and knows what'…

{Giveaway} School Holidays Programme: Chinese Holiday Camp by KidStartNow

So fast! In a blink of an eye, it's school holidays again soon! Ever since we moved temporarily to my parents' place in Mar'13, i had stop regular home learning activities with Kyle. He spent most of his time on his toys and the (very harmful) iPad. I had wasted too much time with getting used to life with two children, coordinating the renovation& house moving as well as bringing the children for their hospital appointments. As year end school holiday is longer, it's my highest priority to plan some meaningful programme for Kyle before the year 2013 ends.
I personally think year end babies are short-change with time. Kyle only just turned 4 years old last month, yet he is going to be in K1 in January! Sad to say, he does not know the concept of counting and also cannot recognise numbers yet. Let alone addition and subtraction and Chinese! This is also in my plan to help him, which i seriously got no ideas how i am going to crash course all these. :S I had heard m…