Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Things He Said

Four years old is an interesting age! The moment my first born, Kyle, turned four, we started having conversations. i am amused! I wanna jot it down so that i can reminisce when i am old..

There was a day, we were having lunch at a new coffee shop which i suggested. We were eating happily until hubby felt something warm at his arm and looked. OMG! Birdshit! There is a bird resting on a beam right above him and we didn't know. So all of us scrambled to another side of the round table.  The kopi boy comes along and Hubby & I ordered our drinks. Kyle kept repeating "Excuse Me! Excuse Me! EXCUSE ME!!" Thinking that he wants to order a green tea for himself, i kept repeating "I ordered green tea for you to share with me already" But he is persistent, he kept on "Excuse me!" to the kopi boy. So i stopped my conversation with the kopi boy and asked Kyle to say whatever he wants to say.....

He said "Excuse me! Your bird Poo Pooed on my daddy just now!"

Mommy! I want to eat Macdonald!
Ok! I order Cheese Burger, Sweet Corn and Milo for you ok?
No! I don't want Burger! I want nuggets!
Hmm.. No! You can't take nuggets because it's chicken and you are coughing!
No!!! I want to take nuggets!
Sigh! Ok! So i order nuggets, sweet corn and milo?
Cannot!!!!! Mommy! i cannot take nuggets! Cos later my cough (*cough cough cough) I cannot eat nuggets already.
(feeling a little happy..) Ok! So i order the burger for you ok?
No!! I want to the nuggets!
(wtf?!) So i order nuggets, sweet corn and milo?
Mommy! I cannot eat nuggets cos i will (*cough cough cough)!
(Grrrrrr......) I tell you what! NO MORE MACDONALDS for you!!
Nooooo!! Mommy I want burger, sweet corn and the milo!
(and he goes on and on and on... he wasn't like this before!)

Kyle: I don't want to go to school!

Why? Ok, if you do not want to go to school, then you have to go to a Childcare like Cherie Hearts which you went to last time ok?

No! I don't want to go to a childcare!

Mommy! You don't go to work! I go to work ok? I give you money!


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