Friday, October 11, 2013

Kyle Is Four and We are Giving Away Four Transformers Party Packs

In a blink of an eye, my first born turns four today! I am having mixed feeling about it, as in, he is still my baby and he is growing up so fast! He has truly provided us a lot of joy and happiness in the last four years! I hope for him to continue growing up strong, healthy and happy!

This year, he has STRONGLY requested for Transformers theme for his birthday. Spider-Man or Superman are so much easier but we simply couldn't convince him. And so, we gave him two transformers parties! One Pre Birthday Party in the new house which is his birthday wish, another in the school for him to celebrate with his friends.

And so here we are! On his actual birthday, we had the celebration in school!

The Transformers Treat Boxes

Packed Transformers Treat Box

Packed Transformers Treat Box

Transformers Party Flavors

The Party Flavors

All Packed!

His Birthday Candles

Transformers Bumble Bee Birthday Cake

Kyle's classmates are so sweet! They make cards for him and a parent gave him a gift!

{Giveaway: Four Transformers Party Packs}

And because he is four this year, i have prepared four transformers party packs to give away to another four boys (i doubt girls will like Transformers) too!

To win, simply just drop a comment here with :
1) your email address,
2) your son's name,
3) his age and
4) who is his favorite character(s) at the moment (it need not be Transformers).

I will close this giveaway on 18th October 2013 and Kyle will help me pick four lucky winners and i will notify you via email! I can arrange to pass you the party pack or have it mailed to you. :)

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  1. Hi Ting,

    Kadence will loves to receive his fav transformer gift pack! May I noe where u bot it?

    Here my details;
    Kadence Ow
    1 more month to 4yo & his fav character is bubblebee.


  2. 1)
    2) Ryan Lee
    3) 4
    4) Optimus Prime

  3. 1)
    2) Xavier Nathaniel Tay
    3) 4yrs
    4) Ben10

  4. Ian (Sim) is also four this year. He doesn't really hv a specific favourite character, only because we don't encourage such 'loyalty' at this young age. But if I must state one, it will probably be Gruffalo.




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