Becoming a Cooking Mama

Staying on our own will means I need to start cooking or else we have to eat out. So I started my journey as a cooking mama. From someone whom has never really cook before except for maggi and macaroni soup for my son, I think I did quite alright for a start.  :)
The below are cooked by yours truly. I can only cook very quick meals as it's me vs two children at home. Especially the cry baby little kyne, he cries when he don't see me and he also cries to be carried.
The below are all cooked within 45 mins with no frying so I can minimise time required for cleaning up. 
Do you have simple, very quick and delicious recipes or tips to share? Please leave your comments here! :)


  1. Good on you! I love quick cooking dishes as well! Check out a couple of mine that is as easy and let me know if you do try them!

    1. thank you ade!! I am so going to try! hehehe. will let you know when i have tried your recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome to the cooking mama club =)
    Hop by my Foodie Fridays linky party posts where I share one pot dish or easy dishes that you can whip up under an hour. Check out other's link too as they also have some fabulous recipes.

  3. These all look delicious, maybe share some of the recipes. I particularly love the look of the Broccoli dish and the soup....


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