A day in my sahm life

I had been thinking of sharing a day of my SAHM life for the longest time but i had been so busy i often forgotten to take pictures! Many people kept asking me why am i so busy which i wonder, how come they are not busy??! I really accomplished 101 tasks on a daily basis and my SAHM days are very different every day. No, i do not have time to sit down and teach my son anything yet. We still have many things unpack and thus the space which i intend to use for home learning is in a total mess. ;p Even blogging, i worked on drafts on my mobile bits by bits and then finally turn on my laptop like maybe once a week to touch up and schedule them?

This is one of my day last week, a typical SAHM day, but not my typical days. I mean, there are typical days one meh? It's a lucky day because there are no hospital appointments to rush for and we really get to do things at our pace! 

I shan't go into details but i make simple breakfast every day and i am very grateful to hubby (when he is in Singapore) to accompany us to Big Brother Kyle's school every morning - simply because 4 year old Kyle still needs me to carry him every morning! I can't possibly carry both! I am also the weekday driver, so i will drive Kyle to school. With Hubby and Baby waiting in the car, i will quickly bring Kyle to class and then dropped hubby off at the nearest MRT. 

Sharing with you three quarter of one of my day (simply because i had forgotten to take the pictures thereafter!)

washing and putting away the new plates

transferring cool down boiled water and boiling new hot water

hanging a playmat and toys to dry

folding clothes.. but i left them in this state and quickly rush off to.....
Make instant cereal for baby Kyne! 
(i have switched to cooking white porridge using slow cooker now)

this bb is very "Gao Gao Zhen" (messing around in cantonese)

and clean up the mess he made..

washing the utensils

putting bath water for baby

making the bed and also preparing the bb's clothes

turning on my laptop for a quick peek

Some selfies with baby!

bathing him
 He enjoys bathing so much and is so cute, so i can't resist but snapped a few more pictures of him!

oh, this is a very nice shampoo & body bath i bought from Hong Kong! i can't find it in SG!

hee drying him

he is a very demanding baby

Giving him what he needs most :p

Finally dozed off!!

quickly clear all these

and keep all the clothes i folded

it's just a very short nap cos we need to rush off to pick Big Brother from school



The happy boy!

fixed them back to the car seat and off we go!

for Kyle's favorite food! everything is ordered for him.

"i can feed myself"

very happy and satisfied boy

and the leftovers are my lunch.. 

i brought them supermarketing to fill the new refrigerator.  Baby is strapped onto me and i feel lucky that Kyle wanted to sit in the shopping cart that day. But i had a hard time carrying him up though (with bb sleeping inside the carrier)

Kyle is also very charming cute, so i couldn't resist taking pictures of his nonsenses.

Me: "are you both ready to go home now?"
I passed the phone to Kyle while i drove and he was busy taking pictures of the coin i gave to him..

my shopping bags are very very heavy! unpacked them!

lol! this is tedious cos we hadn't buy a proper can opener yet

:S keeping his toys and ordering him to play in the playroom instead

Not long after, i have to demand for Kyle to stop playing, bathe him. Gave both milk and it was a lucky day! Both of them slept at the same time and i quickly start cooking for dinner! LOL! i was able to cook the below simple dishes within 1 hour! No recipes though, all any how cook!

And tadah! they woke from nap and is another round of peak hours! 

 I couldn't manage to take more pictures when both are awake at home. I have to keep them entertained as well as do some cleaning chores like mopping (the new house seriously gets all dusty too fast! i am mopping crazily everyday!)



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