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Kyle's first car wash ride

The first time for years, I decided my car is old enough to be abuse. Thus I drove to the manual car wash and let Kyle experience his first car wash ride. 
When I was driving into the petrol station, he was still immersed in the iphone game and oblivious of where we were.
He was shocked when the workers started spraying foam all over the car! And he was very scared and asked what's going on mommy?! 
I had to reassure him it's all right. Mommy is sending car for a car wash just like Tayo the little bus did! Doesn't the foam look like snow? 
To which he replied yes mommy! It feels like Christmas! 
The very excited him kept asking me for my mobile phone.. He said he want to take pictures!
And so he did. :)

The Things He Said

Four years old is an interesting age! The moment my first born, Kyle, turned four, we started having conversations. i am amused! I wanna jot it down so that i can reminisce when i am old..

There was a day, we were having lunch at a new coffee shop which i suggested. We were eating happily until hubby felt something warm at his arm and looked. OMG! Birdshit! There is a bird resting on a beam right above him and we didn't know. So all of us scrambled to another side of the round table.  The kopi boy comes along and Hubby & I ordered our drinks. Kyle kept repeating "Excuse Me! Excuse Me! EXCUSE ME!!" Thinking that he wants to order a green tea for himself, i kept repeating "I ordered green tea for you to share with me already" But he is persistent, he kept on "Excuse me!" to the kopi boy. So i stopped my conversation with the kopi boy and asked Kyle to say whatever he wants to say.....

He said "Excuse me! Your bird Poo Pooed on my daddy just now…

De Hygienique’s Mattress, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services

When we were doing the house moving, I was approached for a trial and review session for De Hygienique's services. Initially, i thought i wouldn't require their services cos I am moving into the new house with new beds and new sofa! Everything is new so what's there to clean? But after I moved in, i I got them to come to my house two weeks ago, to help clean my mattress and sofa.

There are three things which made me decide to review them -

i) Their slogan is "We don't just clean. We sanitise!"
ii) They are a professional mattress and upholstery cleaning company in Singapore. They DO NOT sell any products at all (Definitely not a vacuum cleaner seller that will spend hours at your home bugging you)
ii) Our house was cleaned very thoroughly by the cleaning company that my ID engage, but upon moving in, we started having allergic flu and cough, so the only thing that is not "clean" is the upholstery. Thus i would like to try cleaning them.

I used their…

New Home Renovation - Light Up A Home Part 2

Previously, i shared about lighting up our home
In setting up our dream home with little budget, I have actually browse through magazines for ideas and gave a deep thought about it. It's still possible to create a very inviting and cosy home with little budget! My cosy home, a place where love ones would love to return to, has just 4 simple guidelines as below:
- Simple
- Bright 
- With Ambience
- Neat with no mess in sight
- Many cozy corners and personal spaces

If you like my renovation and would like to find out more about my ID, please feel free to drop me a note! :) 
Today, i will be sharing about the 2nd part on lighting up our home. 
My master bedroom itself has many light switches. A total of 7 light switches! 
where my switches are, in a compartment at my wardrobe meant for charging my mobile phone

A day in my sahm life

I had been thinking of sharing a day of my SAHM life for the longest time but i had been so busy i often forgotten to take pictures! Many people kept asking me why am i so busy which i wonder, how come they are not busy??! I really accomplished 101 tasks on a daily basis and my SAHM days are very different every day. No, i do not have time to sit down and teach my son anything yet. We still have many things unpack and thus the space which i intend to use for home learning is in a total mess. ;p Even blogging, i worked on drafts on my mobile bits by bits and then finally turn on my laptop like maybe once a week to touch up and schedule them?

This is one of my day last week, a typical SAHM day, but not my typical days. I mean, there are typical days one meh? It's a lucky day because there are no hospital appointments to rush for and we really get to do things at our pace! 
I shan't go into details but i make simple breakfast every day and i am very grateful to hubby (when he is…