A home is where the family stays together

Tomorrow is the big day! The day we moving into a home we called our very own! 

When we got married, we were staying with my in laws for 4.5 years. We only moved out this year late March, when Big Brother Kyle is 3.5 years old, to stay at my parents' temporary. The move is because I am welcoming my second born as well as anticipating the completion of our own flat which is only 7 minutes drive from my parents' place. 

People whom knew me always commented that we were staying in a studio apartment at my in laws', because of the fact that the bedroom is really big that we could stay inside with a lot of stuffs very comfortably. 

Having lived with so much space, I did wonder how we will cope when we moved to my parents'. Can Big Brother Kyle get used to being so confined with no place to run around? Is hubby used to my parents' habits? It's not just going to be the 3 of us, cos we were welcoming baby Kyne too! The room we were staying in is really tiny. With my move, my parents 4 room flat will turn from a 3 humans & a dog to 7 humans & a dog! Just imagine it! The fact is, I realized, the space doesn't matter. It's the people that matters. As long as a family is together, we are at home anywhere. ;) moreover we are so well loved by many because of our sons, their grandparents all don't bear us moving out.  

Anyway, this is to share the "home" (room) my family of 4 lived in for the past 6 months. It's really tiny but well equipped and completed with love. We are staying for the last night and I can't help but say it had been really cosy despite being so small. 

My sister loves us a lot. She actually insisted and bought us this queen storage bed frame which occupys almost the whole room but its really good! Seriously we have a hell load of stuffs! It's all so nicely hidden and packed under our bed! This is the bed for me, hubby and Kyle!

This convertible pram which we bought when we had big brother Kyle, is bed for baby Kyne. I had it converted to a bassinet when he was born. We thought we will only stay for maximum 3 months at my parents' but lil did we know that there were so much delays, our block was the last block to receive our keys. Baby Kyne had grown so fast he can kick himself down the pram. He also loves to bunk in with us on the Queen bed too! To make up to poor baby, we had bought a kind sized bed for the new house to accommodate the 4 of us in bed. :)

This is my dresser but I seldom use! More of a place I stored medicine for the family, see the calendar and put the outstanding bills and my children's health booklet. 

Of course I will never about an air purifier! I specially bought this smaller model for the smaller bedroom. This is also meant for placing in the children play room at my house. Luckily I brought an air purifier here for we went through Singapore's worst haze here!

There is no wardrobe so I specially bought this to hang hubby's work clothes and it was supposed to be temporary. So I bought this coupled with the cover from Diaso and had serve us well. ;)

Our "wardrobe" for the past 6 months. Of Cos this is not enough for the 4 of us. My children's clothes are in my mom's bedroom. She has kindly shifted her clothes to let me put my children's clothes. 

How can I forget about teaching Kyle despite even if its a very temporary home? I stuck wall charts onto the wall for teaching him alphabet and 123s! It does liven up the room too!

It's the last night in this room in this house. Feeling a lil sentimental just like when we moved from my in laws house. As a family, we have come very far. I had moved out from my parents place almost 5 years ago to get married. I moved back here with my hubby and elder son. And now, I am moving out again with not one,  but two sons. 

This is a really eventful year! To the better!

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