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A home is where the family stays together

Tomorrow is the big day! The day we moving into a home we called our very own! 
When we got married, we were staying with my in laws for 4.5 years. We only moved out this year late March, when Big Brother Kyle is 3.5 years old, to stay at my parents' temporary. The move is because I am welcoming my second born as well as anticipating the completion of our own flat which is only 7 minutes drive from my parents' place. 
People whom knew me always commented that we were staying in a studio apartment at my in laws', because of the fact that the bedroom is really big that we could stay inside with a lot of stuffs very comfortably. 
Having lived with so much space, I did wonder how we will cope when we moved to my parents'. Can Big Brother Kyle get used to being so confined with no place to run around? Is hubby used to my parents' habits? It's not just going to be the 3 of us, cos we were welcoming baby Kyne too! The room we were staying in is really tiny. With my m…

It's Rise & Shine Expo 2013! Shop, Learn and Have Fun!

The Rise & Shine Expo 2013 is starting tomorrow (27 Sept) and will last till this Sunday (29 Sept 2013) at Suntec Convention Hall 401 & 402!

There are many reasons to visit the Rise & Shine Expo, some of them as below. It's one great event to bring your family to this weekend!

Some of the reasons to visit the Rise & Shine Expo are:

1) Lots of great buys!

There are many premium brands offering at great discounts at the expo! Admission is free so no harm visiting to grab good deals! For examples of brands and products, please see: 

2) Fascinating Stage activities 

There will be lots of performance, contests and seminars conducted by renowned speakers throughout the 3 days, such as Cutest Cherub Baby, Meet & Greet Nickelodeon's characters Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go! And Ni Hao, Kai-lan 

3) Exciting Booth activities 

Besides the stage performance, look for th…

{Review} Must Have First Aid for Home - Burnaid Gel Spray and Rapaid Skin Relief Cream

I never had a first aid kit before, until i have my first child, Kyle.
If you are a parent, you will agree with me that a first aid kit is really very important, especially when you have little children at home. Yet, from the time i became a first time parents till now, my first aid kit varies in its contents. I feel it's best to keep what is relevant so that you will not run into the trouble of having expired contents due to prolonged "not in use". Haha, i had my fair share of throwing away unused expired items, thus my sentiments.
Kyle is turning four and he is really super active. The little big adult in him makes him wants to be adventurous and participative in every thing adults do. That includes making milk, beating of the egg, hanging laundry and yes, going to the new house with me to monitor the renovation progresses. He loves watching me cut the food and cook which i dread the day he tells me he wants to try that too.
Last thursday, the carpenters came to our n…

Kyle At His School Open House

I think Google Plus is really wonderful! 
I had taken the below pictures on my Samsung Galaxy Note during Kyle's school open house day, the photos were automatically uploaded and backup in my google drive and it detected that it's a series in the same setting and generated an animated gif for me. 
How neat is that? 
Isn't this photo really cute? :)

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The 5 Things Little People Know About Me

Just thought to share five things that little people know about me: 
1. I Love to write
I enjoy writing a lot. Last time, I used to kept a beauty reviews blog and i dreamt of being a beauty editor. I was asked to go on news for an interview but scaredy cat me back out of it. Since the birth of my elder son, Kyle, I also started a tiny dream of wanting to write a book only for my children to read. I wanted to share with him lessons i learnt in my life as well as important people in my life that he will never have a chance to meet anymore. I will get it started one day soon. 
2. I Love the Stage since Young
When i was in primary school, the Act Three group came to our school and performed plays. I was captivated. They had called for children whom are interested to join them which i was so keen! Now i think back, why didn't i tell my parents about my desire and go ahead? Every plays and musical i went to, it fires up the desire of mine to want to be a part of it. I simply have the des…