The Day My Baby Turned Black

It was just another normal day. On Monday, 5th August 2013, our day started as usual. Morning bring Big Brother Kyle to school and then me and Baby Kyne went for my Phonics lesson. We came home at 1+pm, bathe and feed Baby Kyne and everybody napped at 3pm. 

Then at 4pm, as per normal, Baby Kyne woke from his nap and cried. I woke and carried him. I thought he may be hungry but nope. His diaper was clean too. So thinking that maybe he wanna poo or fart, I just carried him and at the same time scooped a bowl of rice for myself as my super super late lunch. My dad seeing me trying to pacify Kyne and eating at the same time, he took over cranky Baby Kyne from me so that i can eat. I quickly gobbled everything while my dad was walking around with Kyne whom have finally stopped crying. 

At my last spoonful of rice, i noticed Kyne expression was a little weird but i couldn't explained it. I just don't feel right so i asked to carry my baby again. I saw Baby's hand was quite black and i quickly asked my dad to see if Kyne's hands were black?? My Dad looked and said maybe we pressed on his hands just now thus the blood in the hand was not flowing properly? I thought Baby had pooed and thus stopped crying, so i carried him to the room and wanna changed the diaper for him. I lifted up the romper and is alarmed to find his body turning greyish too! 

I quickly shouted for my dad and ran to where the natural lightings are and took off Baby Kyne's socks to see. I am very alarmed and panicked to see his feet are blackish too! Basically, Baby Kyne's hands, feets, trunk, thighs and lips were blackish! He seems to be very tired and drowsy-like. I wasted no time. I grabbed my bag not knowing if all my importants things are inside, hugged him very close to me and ran. I ran all the way from my parents home to a Pediatrician's clinic few streets away. 

Now while writing, i am amazed to be able to recall vividly everything that was happening at once in that few seconds. I remembered i shouted to my Dad something is wrong with Baby. I said i am going to bring him to see a doctor NOW! My elder boy, whom i fell asleep with hugging me, was still asleep and my Dad is going to start his taxi driver shift. I asked him please help me look after my elder boy! I didn't had time to change my clothes which the top was the comfy top with a few holes that i love wearing to sleep. My Dad asked me to go KKH but i told him no time! I am going to run to the PD nearby. He asked me where, i roughly said the direction and ran out of the door. At the door, both me and my Dad saw that Baby's eyes were closed. From far, i heard my Dad telling me keep on talking the the Baby, don't let him fall asleep!!! 

That really scared the hell of me and as i was running like a mad woman, i kept on talking to the Baby. Yes! And it was quite dramatic that he was trying hard to open his eyes and couldn't resist closing it. I really dunno if he fell asleep or fainted or what. But Baby eyes was closed all the way as i was dashing across traffic lights, running past adults and little children, under the void decks, past the playground etc. I had never ever go to this Clinic before. We moved back to my parents place only in late Mar. All along, for Big Brother Kyle, we are seeing PDs in the west. I had the habit of looking and remembering places very well and so when i drive Kyle to his nursery every morning, i drove past and saw that there is a Kidslink Clinic hidden inside a HDB estate. I have no idea its opening hours but i am really trying my luck. 

I saw lights in the clinic and dashed in. Staffs were looking at me and i told them in between my breaths "Please.. Let.. Me.. See.. The.. Doctor.. Now... My.. Baby.. is.. Turning.. blue..." OK.. The staff actually asked me if we have been there before? NO.  Did i bring the baby's birth cert? NO. And she passes me the form to fill in!!! OMG!! I was carrying the blackish quiet baby in my arms and trying to complete the form when staff said she help me write and i read to her my details instead. They took the baby's temperature and i was shocked to learn that baby had a temperature of 38.8 deg!! Doctor came out to take a look quickly and said Baby had a seizure and will need to be admitted, she also said something to her staff before going back into her room. Staff said ok, doctor will see me now, but as it was 15 minutes to closing, consultation fees is $100, do i agree?? I looked at them and said Yes! I will pay!!! on a second thought, i quickly blurted out "Or should i rush him to KKH A&E now?"

Inside the PD's office, the PD kept on reprimanding me. Is this your first child? NO. Did you know your child is running a high fever? NO. Why didn't you know? I DUNNO. She checked and told me that she cannot see any signs of infection on baby. No eye, ear, nose infections. No cough, no running nose, no diarrhoea. I quickly blurted out could it be due to Group Strep B infection?? I was untreated Group Strep B when delivering Kyne. PD appeared more alarmed and quickly wrote a note of referral and told me to bring baby to KKH immediately. They gave baby a dose of paracetamol before i left and baby's temperature was 39.1 deg by then. The bill was only $80+.

Luckily in the taxi on the way to KKH, Baby turned pinkish again and when we arrived at KKH, Kyne's fever was 38.2 deg and then later stagnant at 37.6 deg in the observation ward... Of course Baby had to be admitted as he is only 3+ months old. 

Frankly, it almost really scare die me! Cos there were no symptoms! Suddenly baby woke and cried and turn black. His body was cold so we didn't thought to check for his temperature during that few short minutes. All the while, I thought turning blue or black means baby may not be breathing but he seems ok. 

Baby Kyne was warded at Level 8, Ward 85, Bed 19. Ward 85 is the children ward for sleep disorder and epilepsy. Doctors and nurses came in and out. Baby Kyne's temperature began to spike at 39.7 deg. The hospital do not recommend feeding the baby paracetamol at all as they said baby is too young, his kidneys are not yet mature. Baby was fighting the fever on his own, it went down a little and spiked again, went down a little and spiked again. The hospital way of managing the fever is sponging, bathing, letting the baby sleep on a cooling pad

The doctors were checking on a few issues:

- Whether did the baby had a seizure? Seizures during high fever are common for babies 6 months and above. But not for a 3+ months baby. If Baby really had a seizure, something is very wrong and they want to rule out the possibilities. Baby was on a oxygen level monitor for 24 hours to be sure and observe if baby had another episode of seizure or not.

- What's causing the high fever? What infection does the baby had? No, Group Strep B infection from mom if passed on to baby would have surface in the first 6 weeks of baby's life. They took his urine sample for a quick test first.

- Heart murmurs! Doctors all mentioned that when they listened to baby's chest, they heard murmurs at a localised spot at baby's heart! (god bless me, i was almost fainting!) But they reassured me that sometimes when babies are sick, this could be heard. But Kyne's was localised at a spot. They will give me specialist appointment after baby is discharged to check on that.  

And Troubles don't come alone!! My breast also suddenly developed huge lumps of block ducts at the hospital! I had got no hot stone, no breast pump. Baby doesn't want to feed. I also can't put him down on the hospital bed at all or else he will scream the whole B1 ward down. For the first night, i could only massage and hand express, but i made the blockages worst. 

On the first night in hospital, I prayed that like my blog's name Miracule, i hope that Kyne's high fever and my block ducts were go away miraculously. The next day, when i woke, my breast was in excruciating pains. I asked the nurse for panadols but they are not allowed to give me. I couldn't go downstairs to buy myself yet so i thought just leave it. My baby is more important than my breast pain. But miraculously, after a few more hours, the lumps really went away on its own. 

heart pain to see my bb like this!

i co sleep with him in this cot bed

Preliminary Urine Screening showed high white blood cells count so the doctor suspected that Baby Kyne had Urinary Tract Infection. They took another urine sample as well as blood sample to be sent to the lab to test which bacteria is causing it as well as if the bacteria has gotten into his blood stream or not. They also started giving Kyne a once a day dose of antibiotics which Kyne is reacting very well. Dr N did shared with us that the lab reports showed that there is indeed bacteria in Kyne's urine. The bacteria is E. Coli. The blood test showed negative at 24 hours but they want to continue to wait for the 48 hours report to be sure that he is cleared. Dr N did warned me that in these situations, we might be staying in the hospital for 7 to 10 days or even up to 21 days depending on the blood test reports. @.@|||

baby lose quite a lot of weight visibly

Baby lose quite alot of weight visibly

We stayed at the hospital for 3 days and 3 nights. At the hospital, i also caught a flu and bad sore throat, as well as had very very little of sleep. At the B1 ward, i co-sleep with Baby Kyne on his hospital cot bed. It helps that i am a very short woman but still, it's uncomfortable. We request to upgrade to A ward but only get to upgrade after 2 nights in B1 ward. On 7th Aug, we switched the A ward on the same level same ward at bed 1. 

On 2nd day of administering the antibiotic, Kyne's fever was controlled. But his body temperature was very low at below 36 deg, lowest being 35.2 deg. It is not normal if baby's temperature falls below 35 deg so we wrapped him up instead. I remember nurses coming into the room and asked me why is the room so warm? LOL! 

They had to wrap him up when his temperature kept falling below 36 deg

Finally, on 8th Aug, which is also the beginning of the long weekend, Dr N. came to check on Baby and woooohooo! We were so glad when he approved us to discharge. He changed baby to be on oral antibiotics and we could go home! 

I must say, this time round, i am very pleased with the experience in KKH. Dr N. really explained to us about Kyne's situation very well, He came a few times on the first day to check on baby. The nurses were all very friendly and helpful. It had been quite different from the last admission of Big Brother Kyle in 2011. 

To end off, this had been a very terrifying episode. I am really glad that all is fine now. It had been a nightmare. I am still shaken i must said. 

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