Breastfeeding Mama 101 - To be Sophisticated and Chic

When i received the invitation to our nephew's 1st Birthday which will be held at a restaurant in town, I was feeling a little down and asked my husband what i should wear? It's a stupid question to ask because the men don't get it! And it had to be on the same day as Baby's Day Out 2013 which i had signed up for months ago.

If you asked me what's the thing i dislike most about breastfeeding ---> it's the limited wardrobe. Because i need to have an opening to my breast to latch on my baby, thus working or not working, I always have to wear two pieces, a top and a bottom. So that i can lift up my top and latch on the baby or pump to express milk. 

Now that i am not working, it gets worst! My wardrobe now becomes full of tees and shorts. Wearing Tees and Shorts to Baby's Day Out is ok.. But wearing Tees and Shorts to a restaurant in town... :S Though i no longer need to dress to impress at work, I find the need to dress to prove myself with my hubby's extended family. Especially when not everyone is supportive and some were really shocked that i am now a "housewife".. "What is Stay At Home Mother? Housewife is housewife lah" they said! Of course i do hope to dress beautifully to a huge family gathering else i will get all sorts of insensitive remarks yeah? 

I want to look like this



I don't buy many new clothes during pregnancy or breastfeeding days because they are usually VERY EXPENSIVE (unless during sales ;p) And also because I WILL SLIM DOWN. So i do not want BIG clothes to HOG the wardrobe. Thus i always make do with existing stretchable clothes, hand me downs or that only few maternity clothes i have.

Recently I came across Maternity Exchange and browse through their website. I am amazed by the brands and collections of the maternity and nursing wears they carry! Gone were those ugly images i had of preggies and breastfeeding moms! I am even more excited and impressed because i read the word "Buy or Rent"!!! Hey! This is an ingenious idea! You no longer need to pay the expensive price to wear A piece of maternity clothing! You can now pay a fraction of its costs to rent it for weeks. With the same amount you need to pay to buy ONE piece of maternity clothing, now you can rent a FEW and mix and match to create your own wardrobe!

You know, my maternity wears are usually plain colors like black because i simply feel too low self-esteemed about about my own pregnant figure and not sure how to flaunt it. My eyes lit up when i saw the maternity clothes. WOW!

I am even more surprised when i saw that there are actually Nursing Dresses?! I always thought nursing wear comprises of tops only. Throughout my breastfeeding "career" of my elder boy days, I had never wore a dress to work before! Immediately, i saw many favorite pieces and i can visualise myself in it, matching with which of my own shoes and accessories!! 

I am also impressed to find that Maternity Exchange carries A LOT of local and international brands. They carry the largest collection of imported and local designer maternity and nursing labels in Singapore, featuring international brands like Japanese Weekend, Maternal America and Jules & Jim Maternity, as well as popular local brands Mothers En Vogue and Dote Nursing. Check the list below for the full brands they carry! Woohoo! It's easy to shop one stop for all the different brands! Simply just select the one that you like most!

I was over the moon when Maternity Exchange is willing to sponsor me a dress to participate in a the mass breastfeeding event at Baby's Day Out 2013! August is Breastfeeding Month and Maternity Exchange as well as I, truly believe in spreading the awareness and benefits of Breastfeeding! :)

Fret not, GOOD THINGS must be shared. 

My readers can enjoy 10% discount off regular priced nursing fashion wear, pyjamas and accessories! Simply key in "MIRACULE" at checkout to enjoy the discount! :) Available online at 

** Discount Code valid will 30 November 2013. Terms and Conditions Apply.
** Discount includes all items under our Nursing Wear section except for the Basic Nursing Tees & Tanks and Mothers en Vogue Bra Cups - see

This is the Betty Pleat Dress that i got, which is so nice! I really really love this dress! 

You can pair it with flats for a casual outing, or dress it up with accessories and heels for a more formal function. Best of all, it requires NO ironing at all! No one can even tell it's a nursing dress if i do not say so!! And I will continue wearing it even if i stop breastfeeding! They have many other nicer nursing dresses that absolutely do not look like a nursing dress at all too! 

Maternity Exchange is also currently having a special discount of 30% off this Betty Pleated Dress from 15 to 22 August as one of their nursing picks for the week!! Original Price was $109, NOW it's only $76.30 (after 30% off)! Do check it out at here

The most happy news for myself was that... i do not have to worry about what to wear for the two events i had to attend on the same day anymore! You must agree with me that i looked good in the dress! I didn't feel out of place at the formal birthday party nor at the Baby's Day Out 2013!

Details of the dress:

My favorite little black dress now. 

Top features sheer panel at shoulders

Bottom features accordion pleated skirt

Nursing Access!

Photos taken at Baby's Day Out 2013 :

(Photo credits of my fellow mommy friend, Connie Ow. Thank you for taking such nice pictures of us!)

So, Buy or Rent?

Personally, i would prefer to buy only a few classic pieces but rent the rest, because Maternity and Nursing wears are really expensive. I am not going to wear the clothes forever so i really can't bear to buy. Especially when i know i can save that money for my children. You can rent individual clothes or select rental packages. You can keep the rented clothes for up to 4 weeks too. 

They have rental packages too

More about Maternity Exchange

Located at #03-108 Marina Square, Maternity Exchange™ is an innovative retail concept which is the first and only Maternity and Nursing Wear Boutique in Singapore to offers mums-to-be the option of buying or renting outfits to create their own extensive maternity wardrobe without paying through-the-roof prices. They carry the largest collection of imported and local designer maternity and nursing labels in Singapore, featuring international brands like Japanese Weekend, Maternal America and Jules & Jim Maternity, as well as popular local brands Mothers En Vogue and Dote Nursing. They also carry a wide collection of quirky gifts and accessories for parents and babies too. You visit their website at or Facebook page at to find out more about them. 

Disclaimer: i received a nursing dress and is compensated for this blog post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own, unless stated. 

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