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Parents World Exhibition 2013

The Parents World Exhibition is happening now and ending tomorrow! I thought it will be good to share some of the exciting happenings and interesting exhibitors and deals that caught my eyes there! :)
First & foremost, the Big B Event happened today, where the most number of mommies turned up and breastfeed together. To me, breastfeeding had been the most enjoyable thing that comes with having a newborn and it's really really fun and feels very great to breastfeed together with so many mommies and friends today! I hope public can also change their mindset about breastfeeding in public areas. It's not a dirty thing. It's a most beautiful gift to a baby. 

Mommy Connie, Me and Mommy Lee 
Me and Mommy Blogger Angeline

Group Photo of breastfeeding mommies that gave birth in TMC

Now, there is still one more day left to the exhibition, do head there tomorrow if you are keen! Sharing some of the interestings that caught my eyes (and heart) at the fair!

Mooch - Udderly Delicious Ch…

{Giveaway} Tickets to Rise & Shine Expo Seminar

Come September, there is one really good family outing that you cannot miss!

The only children's expo dedicated to total health care and development, Rise & Shine Expo, is taking place on the 27th, 28th and 29th September 2013 at Suntec Convention Hall 401! There will be more than 120 exhibitors offering fabulous deals on more than 500 products and services and every one in the family will be kept entertained while mommies and daddies can shop or choose to attend a workshop addressing major challenges faced by modern parents.

The young ones will be treated to an array of fun enrichment trials hosted by top schools such as Early Reading Class, Gym & Fitness, Art & Clay Works and Cognitive Training. There are also various contest that they can take part in such as “Colour My Feeling”, which is the first record-breaking colouring contest in Singapore where 500 aspiring young artists come together to express their thoughts and creativity.

Examples of seminars and workshops…

Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet

Previously, the teacher highlighted to me that 3.5 years old Kyle did not know alphabet and was not able to recognise the words. I blogged about it and felt very thankful for the many friends and parents whom shared readily, with me tips and tricks from teaching him the alphabet, to phonics, to writing. There are also very helpful websites that shares tips on teaching, one of my favorite had to be
So, I spent the June School Holidays to help Kyle in these areas, and I am really proud (and delighted) to say he can now recognised the 26 alphabet, big or small caps! Not just recognising them, he knows the phonics sound of each and every alphabet too! All thanks to mommies around me and the effort my sister and I put in. He is very fortunate to have my sister as his godmother and I really appreciate her love for my children. No learning disabilities! Only a lazy mama with wrong techniques! 
One important thing to note when teaching preschooler is: We shouldn't resort t…

My Calendar is Full with Hospital Appointments

I have been kept super busy since Kyne was born. He is only 4 months old and it's scary, I had made a total of 13 hospital visits in this 4 months, for both my children since the day Kyne arrived.

Suddenly my calendar is no longer marked with endless clients meetings, but in place are endless hospital appointments! I still FEEL my sons are healthy, but one thing leads to another and a doctor refer to more doctors which refer to even more doctors! I wondered what's wrong but both my children have so many different specialists appointments! I am not trying to find something wrong with them, in fact I hope that every fears turn out to be false alarm! It seems like Doctors and myself want to be more vigilant with my children's health and it's better to get little things checked than better to be late & sorry right?
My elder boy, Kyle, has ongoing quarterly appointments with NUH to follow up on his respiratory issues. In June, we found him with discharges coming out fr…

Home Renovation Part 1: Light Up a Home

We had waited 4 long years for this - the keys to my very own home! We had BTO to no avail SO many times till when my 1st born Kyle was born in October 2009, I was so fed up and wrote a letter to HDB to appeal and finally got a queue number to book our flat!

We had been staying with my in laws since November 2008. Only very recently, then we moved to my own parents' house in late March this year!  It's a good move as I also gave birth to my 2nd prince on 10 Apr, it was really a lot easier to cope here with two children as my hubby travels very often for work and, it's even more easy for me to coordinate the renovation!  My new home is only 7 minutes drive away from my parents'!

We collected the keys only 10 days before the lunar 7th month and kickstart the renovation immediately.  My elder son is turning 4 in another 2 months and he told me that his birthday wish is to hold the celebration in our very very own home. Hopefully i can make my son's wish come true!