June Holidays Programme : Yakult Factory Tour

One of the school holiday programmes that i had planned for Kyle was the visit to the Yakult Factory! 

So on 6th June 2013, we joined another two of my friends with their children and went to the Yakult Factory situated in Senoka on 6th of June 2013. We had to reach 15 minutes earlier and our tour started at 10am and last approximately one and half hours. 

At the lobby of the Yakult Factory, we could see displays of the Yakult packaging sold in different countries! 

The first part of the tour begins by a presentation in the classroom where the staff shares the background of the company as well as their products. Depending on the audience profile of the tour, they will either show a scientific documentary on the benefits of probiotics or an animated video cartoon on the role L.casei strain Shirota plays in the maintenance of the digestive system. 

Alas! We actually missed the above part of the tour until mid way of the cartoon show. The moment we were standing outside the classroom on level 2, Kyle suddenly had a melt down and simply refused to enter no matter how hard i coaxed him! He is really terrified because he thinks i am bringing him to school!! -_-"" I almost had to leave the factory if not for the very kind, friendly and helpful staffs! A few of them had gathered and helped me to calm Kyle down (as i was also carrying 1 month old Kyne in my arms!) They gave to Kyle biscuits and Yakult as well as helped me to carry him to coax him. I am really grateful for them if not my very first outing with both my children will turn out to be very undesirably frustrating with no accomplishment!  

We did, in the end, managed to catch half of the cartoon show after a good 20 minutes of chasing after Kyle and coaxing him! I must say that the animation was really very well done! All the children's and adults eye 

The second part of the tour was interesting! The staffs gathered us and began to show us around! All kids are amazed when they see so many of their favorite drink "queueing up" for packaging. ;p

The Seeding Room
Yakult actually manufacture the drinks' container itself. This is where it suck the completed containers up to another place for filling
Every batch of Yakult are tested before they can be distributed out for sale
The amount of Yakult manufactured daily is... AMAZING! 

To end our tour, of course we must take a picture with the HUGE Yakult at it's lobby! 

And of course, enjoy the complimentary drink! :D 

If you are interested to arrange for a Yakult Factory Tour for yourself and your friends, simply call them at 7656 1033 ext 313/314. Do note that the tours are arranged subject to availability of time slot as well as the terms and conditions applied. 

Address as followed: 

Yakult (Singapore) Pte Ltd
7 Senoko Avenue, Singapore 758300
Phone: 6756 1033

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