June Holidays Outing to Gardens by the Bay

Another one of the school holidays programme that i planned for Kyle was an outing to the Gardens by the bay! Yes, we are one of the last few to visit the Gardens by the Bay, but nevertheless, we went!

I must say, I am really really proud of Singapore! We now have many of the world class type of attractions, such as the S.E.A Aquarium at RWS. The Clouds Forest and Flowers Dome blew me off visually! The moment I entered, i felt as if i am transported to another place, something like paradise. Beautiful captured my attention everywhere i do not know where to start and stop! 

I was so busy snapping pictures on my camera but it went flat in less than a hundred pictures! You know! Once you have a infant, you tend to be really forgetful and there is me again! I forgotten to charge the camera! But lucky me! Iphone is still trusty with photo taking! The images on this page are all taken by my iphone! 

Enjoy the pretty beautiful things, peeps! Looking at these pictures now made me feel like going again soon! 

Inside the Cloud Forest

Between the Two Conservatories 

Inside the Flower Dome

How Can I Forget about Cam-Whoring? ;p

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