A Dad's Role in Breastfeeding and The Big B Event

I am very sure if you ask any breastfeeding mommies about breastfeeding and all breastfeeding mommies can tell you that her breastfeeding journey is not a 100% smooth one - demoralising comments from others, feeling all worn out from not enough sleep, under supply or over supply, block ducts & mastitis, breast & nipples pain etc.

But many mommies are still persevering on breastfeeding and don't give up easily! After all, it's only this chance you can give to your baby all the natural goodness in your milk that he needs, I would love to believe that the woman's breasts are God's gift to every angel that he sent to earth. :) 

I wrote about the 10 Things I Feel You Should Know About Breastfeeding, now would it surprise you to know that the single most important factor for successful breastfeeding is the husband's support?

"Encourage your partner to breastfeed. 
Formula is expensive!"                         
                                                                            - Veteran Dad

How can a Dad to be help the Breastfeeding New Mom:

1) Be a cheerleader

I am very glad my husband is very supportive in breastfeeding our first born. Then when our first born arrived, we are so brand new parents without experience. Luckily during the pregnancy, we both read up quite a fair bit. It helps that my hubby was actually printing off notes from the internet and passing them to me to read! Sweet huh?

So in the beginning the elders will always comment that I do not have enough milk, why is the baby always hungry, why is the baby not growing fast enough, why is the baby very yellow etc. My mother in law was actually very fed up that i had to close my room door so often to breastfeed that she cannot play with her first grandson! In theses situations, i am glad that my hubby was there to reassure me. Whenever my in laws started questioning me and i started to doubt myself, my hubby was there to remind me that the newborn's stomach is only the size of a marble and thus of cos the baby gets hungry soon. He also assured me that it is good that a baby is always hungry because it means the baby can drink more and grow better.

I remembered i was crying about a pain in the breast and i told him something is wrong ( I didn't know what was wrong last time, we googled about it and it was blocked ducts). He drove me and baby to the Thomson Medical Centre ParentCraft Centre to see the lactation consultant. He waited outside with baby for me. When this didn't help, he was supportive when i engage Mdm Rokiah to come help me clear the blockages. When i had high fever because of mastitis, it helps that he cheered me on. Never once did he asked me to stop. Whenever i asked him if i should continue he will asked me back " Why not?"

It also helps greatly that every time when i am going to breastfeed the baby, my hubby helped me to bring a stool for me to rest my feet, he also brings me pillows for my back and the baby to rest. All these little things, had made my breastfeeding times comfortable and enjoyable! Thank you husband!

2) Get Involved & Bond With Baby

Some daddies feel left out if the mom is breastfeeding the baby. But there are many other ways to get involved. It's important because if the mom is sick, the dad can continue to look after the baby and give the mom a rest. :)

How my hubby get involved and bond with the baby are as followed:

* Change baby's nappy
* Hold and soothe the baby
* Play with him
* Take baby for a walk
* Look into baby's eyes and talk to him
* Let baby fall asleep on his chest

3) Help Out on Household Chores

Yes, the dreadful household chores! Theses are the stuffs that will drive a new mom crazy. My husband has helped to wash the dishes, hang & fold the laundry, clear the rubbish bins, wash the milk bottles of the elder child etc. Probably it will be good if hubby can iron clothes and wash the toilets too! ; p

Especially with a 2nd child now, these things that my hubby has helped me greatly and made me feel that i am not alone in bringing up our children! After all, behind every successful breastfeeding mom is a very understanding, supportive and helpful dad! The breastfed child is a really fortunate child. :)

The Big B Event – Mass Breastfeeding Challenge at Parents World Exhibition 2013
Be Part of a National Record by Breastfeeding Your Child

August is also the National Breastfeeding Month, I have signed up for and will be participating in The Big B Event. Are you game to join me to set a new national record with the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of mums breastfeeding together? 

The Big B Event serves to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies for the first 6 months.  For all mothers who are keen on breastfeeding, take part in this meaningful challenge and celebrate National Breastfeeding Month with us!

The Big B Event will be the highlight of Parents World Exhibition 2013, taking place on 31 August (Sat), 1pm at Hall 6A. 
The first 250 mums to register will receive a free goodie bag worth $100 with products from Impression, Beautex, PET PET and S-26 Mama.

If you are keen to join me, simply sign up to be a part of this exciting challenge now! To register, email your particulars to info@redtreegroup.org or call them at 6295 0810! 

Parents World Exhibition 2013 is an annual event for mums and dads organised by Parents World, one of Singapore’s leading parenting and lifestyle magazine. This three-day exhibition will be the one-stop solution for all your parenting needs.

Parents can look forward to exclusive deals from exhibitors and clinch parenting essentials at massive discounts from big brands like Abbott, Mead Johnson, Dumex, Drypers, Pampers, Huggies, PET PET and lots more.

Filled with exciting programmes, a wide range of booths as well as attractive prizes to be won, parents are sure to have a blast shopping and having fun!  

So mark down the dates on your calendar and head down to Singapore EXPO Hall 6A for an entertaining afternoon of family bonding from 30 August (Fri) to 01 September (Sun) 2013, 11am to 9pm! Admission is free!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own, unless stated. 

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