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A Dad's Role in Breastfeeding and The Big B Event

I am very sure if you ask any breastfeeding mommies about breastfeeding and all breastfeeding mommies can tell you that her breastfeeding journey is not a 100% smooth one - demoralising comments from others, feeling all worn out from not enough sleep, under supply or over supply, block ducts & mastitis, breast & nipples pain etc.

But many mommies are still persevering on breastfeeding and don't give up easily! After all, it's only this chance you can give to your baby all the natural goodness in your milk that he needs, I would love to believe that the woman's breasts are God's gift to every angel that he sent to earth. :) 

I wrote about the 10 Things I Feel You Should Know About Breastfeeding, now would it surprise you to know that the single most important factor for successful breastfeeding is the husband's support?

"Encourage your partner to breastfeed.  Formula is expensive!"                                                                      …

June Holidays Outing to Gardens by the Bay

Another one of the school holidays programme that i planned for Kyle was an outing to the Gardens by the bay! Yes, we are one of the last few to visit the Gardens by the Bay, but nevertheless, we went!

I must say, I am really really proud of Singapore! We now have many of the world class type of attractions, such as the S.E.A Aquarium at RWS. The Clouds Forest and Flowers Dome blew me off visually! The moment I entered, i felt as if i am transported to another place, something like paradise. Beautiful captured my attention everywhere i do not know where to start and stop! 
I was so busy snapping pictures on my camera but it went flat in less than a hundred pictures! You know! Once you have a infant, you tend to be really forgetful and there is me again! I forgotten to charge the camera! But lucky me! Iphone is still trusty with photo taking! The images on this page are all taken by my iphone! 
Enjoy the pretty beautiful things, peeps! Looking at these pictures now made me feel like g…

A Mummy's Love - To Watch Her Lil' Ones Grow

It's been 2+ months since I became a mom of two. I have always hear people say that when you have more than one children, the love multiplies. Occasionally i also hear people say BUT the time gets divided.
Now I been through it myself, I found that i was struggling, especially during the first month of confinement. Before Baby Kyne arrived, I dare say i am a good 101% mum cos i was able to give Kyle the full attention as well as, I could still have my own ME time during his independent activities, to keep my sanity. After Baby Kyne arrived, there are so much more things to do and I become no where near the mum i wanted to be. Juggling both children with not enough sleep, I have to neglect myself sometimes. I tend to lose my patience easily due to tiredness. I found I was running out of time every day.
After being a SAHM only for 8 months, I came to realise it's really not easy to be a full time mum - juggling housework, running errands, paying bills, cooking, washing, bathing…

June Holidays Programme : Yakult Factory Tour

One of the school holiday programmes that i had planned for Kyle was the visit to the Yakult Factory! 
So on 6th June 2013, we joined another two of my friends with their children and went to the Yakult Factory situated in Senoka on 6th of June 2013. We had to reach 15 minutes earlier and our tour started at 10am and last approximately one and half hours. 
At the lobby of the Yakult Factory, we could see displays of the Yakult packaging sold in different countries! 
The first part of the tour begins by a presentation in the classroom where the staff shares the background of the company as well as their products. Depending on the audience profile of the tour, they will either show a scientific documentary on the benefits of probiotics or an animated video cartoon on the role L.casei strain Shirota plays in the maintenance of the digestive system. 
Alas! We actually missed the above part of the tour until mid way of the cartoon show. The moment we were standing outside the classroom on…