Are We Pro-Breastfeeding or Not?

Though Kyne (#2) is only 2 months old now, but my breastfeeding journey this time round is much more bumpier compared to the whole 18 months of breastfeeding Kyle(#1)!

No, I do not have any supply issues with this baby. In fact, I cannot take any thing that promotes supply cos I am already producing more than what Kyne requires so over supply will cause block ducts and other problems. 

When Kyne is only 40+ days old, i have already met with 6 different doctors that all discourage breastfeeding! I am just not sure if it's my luck or some thing must have taken place during this last two years since i stopped breast feeding my elder child, Kyle. And I thought breastfeeding is very very common now and more moms are breastfeeding their babies??

At the polyclinic where i brought Kyne to check his Jaundice, we have met with different doctors for every visits. The non local doctors from India, Philippines and Myanmar, all told me that breastfeeding is very good and there is no reason why i should stop my total breast feeding for Kyne. They assured me that it will not do harm to Kyne since his pee and poo output were very good and in fact is very good for him! However, in the later visits, we also met another two local doctors, they weren't sure of breast milk jaundice and told me that i should try to feed him formula milk if i think it's breast milk jaundice. On his 21st day, Kyne's jaundice level just shoot up very high at the borderline of referring to hospital range, the doctor referred us to KKH A&E for review instead.

We had to go back to KKH a few times just to repeat the blood tests. Was told that Kyne was too old (21 days is too old already) for phototherapy and the high jaundice level is not critical on older babies. All the blood tests return normal liver functions and no infections etc. Once again, Kyne is diagnosed as Breast Milk Jaundice, BUT, i was also told by the three doctors i met in KKH, to feed Kyne formula milk.

I was lost of course! For my elder child, i total breastfeed him for 18 months before starting to buy formula milk. How do i know which formula milk to buy for Kyne and how much to give him cos i only know to latch on!? Furthermore, this is a professional doctors' advice! Since i reached the stage of going to KKH A&E, i will be quite a fool if i don't follow the doctors' instruction right? So, I asked the doctor, if she can recommend me a brand of formula milk for Kyne, to which she replied, Singapore is a very safe country, all the forumla milk found locally is all very safe, so i can buy any brand. -_-"

And so i did, bought a small tin of S26 and milk bottles, fed Kyne forumla milk for one whole day while i express my breast milk.. within this one day, Kyne's jaundice level dropped significantly the next blood test and i also kept pumping every three hourly. The doctors said "See! it's Breast Milk Jaundice!" and i just feel it's quite silly, all along, i knew it's breast milk jaundice! Why do i need to feed formula milk just to diagnose breast milk jaundice? And why do i need to feed formula milk if the high jaundice level is not harmful at all to a older baby? I asked if i can re-commence back to total breastfeeding and the doctor's advise is i should do mixed feeding instead. Yes i told myself too, since i already bought a tin, i had to finish right, else i will be wasting my own money! So i feed Kyne some formula milk while i continue latching.

Just 3 days since i fed Kyne formula milk, i began to have block ducts which very quickly developed to Mastitis! Yes, although i kept pumping to express the milk, however a pump is not as effective as a baby's mouth to clear the breasts, as well as, my baby was having a little nipple confusion, he changed his latch on technique and i couldn't latch him on properly despite re-trying a few times.. All theses happened to me, whom very successfully total breastfeed the first child! I couldn't believe it! And so, i went to visit a GP to get an antibiotics for the Mastitis, to which, the GP also told me to stop breastfeeding for at least a week! I argued with him that i needed to continue latching my baby to help me clear the blockages effectively and that he should be giving me an antibiotics safe for breastfeeding!! And he began to explain to me that breast milk is not as good as it seems and formula milk are better... (eh.. i really wonder, what's wrong?!)

And one week later, after i was recovered from Mastitis which lasts 5 day!! I was down with flu! Being very kiasu and kiasi, i visited the GP again to get medication to ensure that i recover quickly and not pass the flu to the baby. A different time on a different day, i bumped into the same doctor at the same clinic (they have many doctors on duty) again!! This time round, he was explaining to me that if i am sick, i should not be breast feeding my baby at all for one week (what?! another week?!!). I told him my breast milk should contain the antibodies of my illness and it will be pass on to my baby mah, i also wear a N95 mask all the time, so why do i have to stop breastfeeding my baby? To while, i was given a lesson on there is no antibodies for my illness in my breast milk, but breast milk being a secretion, contains my virus and bacterias which will be passed on to the baby if he drinks it... (zzz... you can imagine my frustration already).

I googled once again, and cannot find any articles that said that I cannot breastfeed my baby when i am sick! In fact theses articles all said that all the more i should continue to breastfeed!

I also remembered that when I had Kyle (#1), Vivo City was newly opened and it's a very very breastfeeding friendly mall with a nursing rooms located at every corner! My cousin whom gave birth two months before me, went to the mall and told me she had a very hard time finding the nursing room in Vivo City now! Is it true? I have visited a few new malls recently and also came to realised that most malls only has one or two nursing rooms ONLY. Lucky for me, i am a veteran in nursing in public already as long as i my have trusty poncho with me! No nursing room so what?! I still can nurse in public suavely!

I am just very very very glad that i only met with doctors that discourage breastfeeding, only NOW. If it happened when i had my first born, i think i wouldn't be able to have the super enjoyable 18 months of breastfeeding Kyle (#1)... and i am glad, with the experience and knowledge i gained previously, can help me now to learn to take things with a pinch of salt on everything that a doctor said. After all, a doctor is only human with his own perspectives right?



  1. It seem that your trust Google more than doctors. Although doctors have their own perspective, this perspective are based in strong scientific theories and understandings.. In my opinion, doctors are not asking you to stop breast feeding but rather wants you to get well first before you breast feed. When you are sick and breast feed there will always be a chance that the virus or bacteria can pass directly to your child. Remember, the immune system of a baby is not fully developed and susceptible to infections. You do know that when doctors prescribed you medication, they will ask if you are breastfeeding. The reason because medication prescribed to you can be pass through the breast milk to your child. Think about it, the medication dosage are meant for adults and not babies. The liver of babies are not fully developed to clear this medication out of the system ! No doubt breast feeding is good for babies as in the long run it can build up their immunity but that does not meant we must insist of doing it without considering the circumstances that we are facing.

  2. Hi, I'm facing the same issue as you now. My baby is a month old and has jaundice during his one month check up with pd. He told me to supplement 2 to 3 feeds a day with formula milk to flush out the jaundice quicker. But baby is having difficult with bottle feeding and she keeps fussing and puking out formula milk. I called the breastfeeding sg hotline and they told me that jaundice is flushed out by baby poop and I should actually breastfeed more becos breast milk is easily digested which means baby poop more. I'm so confused now with all these conflicting advice and I don't know what I should do! I don't want to subject her to more blood tests and jaundice checks. We already did a liver function test at her 1 month check up and it was OK. Pd said if in 2 wks it doesn't clear, bring back for jaundice check. And if in 2nd mth doesn't clear, nd to do another liver function test. I don't wanna subject my baby to so many needle pricks) :

  3. Hihi Michelle,

    Firstly, congrats on your newborn! I can imagine your frustrations! But then again, we also don't dare to take the risks right? If it's me I will still bring my baby back to check for jaundice every other day till it all clear. Cos the child is too young and anything can be serious and life long damages. If you bought a can of milk like I did, haha, just feed once a day to clear the tin of milk!

    Kyne is turning 36 months old and he is still exclusively on my BM! All the best to you!


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