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Meet Barney at City Square Mall this June!

One of the school holidays programme that i had planned out for Kyle is to head to City Square Mall! I was killing two birds with one stone cos in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale, City Square Mall is holding a Barney event! Parents get to enjoys great deals shopping $_$ whereas the kids get the chance to meet Barney when parents hit 50 bucks with the purchases. 

On on 7 June, which is the very first day the Barney & Friends Live Show started, we headed to City Square Mall! The eco mall has many of the brands that I love such as Uniqlo, Diaso, Toyrus, Babyrus etc! 

The crowd that came for Barney is huge!

No kids can resist the purple dinosaur! Even I whom was sitting among the screaming children are affected by the electrifying atmosphere and couldn't resist clicking the camera away and singing to the songs too! Lol!

I noticed that girls are more wild over the purple dinosaur. Many of the girls all stood up to dance with the dinosaurs! This lil girl here is extremely c…

Kyle's first attempt at Golf

My father in law always urged us and our children to pick up Golf which i am really not keen. But i do agreed with exposing my child to different sports and activities, cos we will never know what he is interested or good in! So last Saturday, before the haze strikes Singapore fast and furious, we went to the Jurong Country Club together.
Kyle was fascinated! No proper equipment or shoe wear. But he hit at least 30 golf balls? Check out the photos below, all the balls in the sand pit are hit by Kyle. 
Father in law said it's better to let Kyle learn only when he is older, maybe around 7 years old? So that his bones and muscles more developed (but actually, i think the real reason is so Kyle can understand and follow instructions! lolx!)  

A day to remember

Today, 20 June 2013, the #sghaze hit the highest ever psi index of 377. ANDMy so lovable Kyle at 44 months old is finally 101cm tall and weighs 16.85kg! This last two months since Kyne arrived, Kyle really grows too fast all of sudden! He outgrown so many clothes and shoes this past two months! He still ask me to carry him and I do. Because I want to carry him all the way till the day he doesn't want me to anymore. I never ever thought I could carry such heavy weights before! I drove both my children to NUH today for Kyle's quarterly review follow up for his respiratory troubles (since he was 9 months old) and took the opportunity to ask the pd specialist to help me check his ears that was super badly infected 10 days ago as the KKH ENT clinic queue is too long away. Finally i had a peace of mind! His ear seems to have totally clear up itself! The doctor can't seem to see any sign of infection as well as fluid behind his ears! :DAlso the driving experience in this haze is …

Are We Pro-Breastfeeding or Not?

Though Kyne (#2) is only 2 months old now, but my breastfeeding journey this time round is much more bumpier compared to the whole 18 months of breastfeeding Kyle(#1)!
No, I do not have any supply issues with this baby. In fact, I cannot take any thing that promotes supply cos I am already producing more than what Kyne requires so over supply will cause block ducts and other problems. 

When Kyne is only 40+ days old, i have already met with 6 different doctors that all discourage breastfeeding! I am just not sure if it's my luck or some thing must have taken place during this last two years since i stopped breast feeding my elder child, Kyle. And I thought breastfeeding is very very common now and more moms are breastfeeding their babies??

At the polyclinic where i brought Kyne to check his Jaundice, we have met with different doctors for every visits. The non local doctors from India, Philippines and Myanmar, all told me that breastfeeding is very good and there is no reason why i…

What's up this june school holidays for my 3 year old?

It's the school holidays! This is going to be our very first school holidays as Kyle used to be in the childcare when he was a baby, until late last year. Although i have an additional young baby now, nothing is gonna stop me from trying to be a mom to Kyle, to bring him for fun and excursions!

Sharing (and looking for more to add on to) our planned programmes for this June 2013 School holidays!

1) Yakult Factory Tour Wanna watch what goes into the Yakult that we drink? I am joining a few friends in a Yakult Factory Tour! The tour is free of charge and we will get to watch a scientific documentary on the benefits of probiotics as well as enjoy a complimentary bottle of Yakult!

If you are keen, visit the above link to find out more. The tours are conducted at the following times and takes approximately 1.5 hours.
Mondays to Fridays :10.00am – 11.30am
2.00pm – 3.30pm

2) Meet and Greet Barney at City Square MallCelebrate with Barney & Friends at City Square Mall this Great Singapore …